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Love for dad ensures release of a 40 year old film
Published on Aug 2, 2013 8:21 am IST


We love our parents and we do many things to please them. But how far would we go to make them happy? We came across a heartwarming story today that is worth spreading. A film which was shot in 1973, with a big budget and high technical values, is finally releasing today in India – after 40 years! The film in question is ‘Love in Bombay’. Two sons, armed with nothing but love for their dad, fought the odds to get this movie released.

Well known yesteryear actor Joy Mukherjee directed this flick all the way back in 1973, with a budget of approximately 35 – 40 lakhs. At conservative estimates, that is about Rs 300 Crores in today’s money. Waheeda Rehman is the heroine in the film. The movie is about a love story that happens aboard a ship. The ship capsizes in a storm and it is up to the hero to save his lady love and the people in the ship.

Apparently, Joy Mukherjee was ruined financially while producing this film. He did not have the money to release it, so he ended up preserving the film in a cold storage. Every year, for almost 4 decades,he used to go to the cold storage to clean and preserve the original negative of the film. He reportedly never disclosed the location of the film to his family.

After Joy Mukherjee passed away last year, his sons came to know about their dad’s lifelong ambition to see the release of this film in theaters. They traced the film to the cold storage, had it ‘modernised’ with great difficulty and got it ready for release. The film is going to release in select cities today.

If you want to watch some of yesteryear’s greatest actors on the big screen, don’t miss ‘Love in Bombay’. There is a lot of love behind its release

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