Mahabharata Is An Inspiration For Chitrangada : Ashok Kumar

Director Ashok Kumar is confident that his upcoming film Chitrangada, starring Anjali, will impress the audience. The film, which has been in the making for a while, is all set to release on March 10 and Ashok says that it’s based on a unique concept.

Talking to the media, Ashok Kumar said, “Chitrangada is based on an unique concept and I believe that no one in the world has touched such a storyline so far. According to our mythology, Chitrangada is Arjuna’s wife. She’s a Manipuri princess and was the queen of the jungle. Once she goes to war with Arjuna, but in the process she falls in love with him. Arjuna is surprised with her manliness and to impress him, Chitrangada gets a boon which gives her a feminine touch. There a lot of shades to her character. The lead character in my film is inspired from the Chitrangada from Mahabharata.”

Anjali’s performance is said to be another key highlight of the film and Ashok praised her for delivering her best.