Major changes coming in Censor Certifications

4th, April 2012 - 12:25:23 AM

The censor board certifications have become an intensely debated topic in the recent past and the entire film industry has been expressing its displeasure over the issue. The latest information doing the rounds is that some major changes are set to take place with respect to Censor certificates soon.

In addition to the existing ratings of U/A, U and A, officials are proposing new certifications like A+, 12+ and 15+. With these new certifications in place, officials say that film makers will have the freedom to portray violence, profanity and sleaze if they are ok with an A+ rating.

Similarly, movies which are not sleazy, but have crude language only will be able to escape the A rating and get a 15+ rating. While these proposals are still far from being signed into law, things are moving quite fast and we can expect to see some changes soon. Will this make a difference in the way the Telugu Film Industry make and distribute films? We will have to wait and watch.