Mohan Babu’s golden gift to Priyanka
Published on Apr 13, 2016 10:51 pm IST

Collection King Dr. Mohan Babu is known for his generous gifts and large hearted gestures. If he likes someone, he does not hesitate to show his appreciation. Now, he has presented a nice gift to Priyanka Chopra, giving her a pleasant surprise.

Dr. Mohan Babu personally handed over a pair of exquisite golden bangles to Priyanka, at a specially organised event. This event was hosted by Dr. Mohan Babu’s friend, Dr. T Subbi Rami Reddy. Mohan Babu praised Priyanka for her performance and talent.

Priyanka thanked Dr. Mohan Babu for the kind gesture and expressed her happiness at receiving the Padma Award.

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