My reputation as a successful distributor took a hit: Dil Raju

Dil Raju is one of the leading producers in Tollywood. The hotshot producer is aiming to score a double hat-trick with his upcoming release, MCA. The film is hitting the screens on December 21. On this occasion, Dil Raju held a press meet today and spoke at length about his movies’ business.

When asked about losing a huge amount of money on several loss making movies he had distributed this year, Dil Raju said that his reputation as a successful distributor has indeed taken a hit with several flops. “I think I went wrong in choosing the right movies,” Dil Raju said.

Talking about his rapport with his distributors, Dil Raju said that he takes care of his distributors and they in turn support him in his future movies. “Whenever a movie flops, distributors and producers are the most affected in the entire process. A producer can be happy only if his distributors are happy and make money,” Dil Raju added.