Nag Ashwin – I hope people will feel really strange after watching Kalki 2898 AD
Published on May 29, 2024 9:30 pm IST

Nag Ashwin, the director of the much-anticipated Kalki 2898 AD, gave an interview to Hollywood media along with the film’s protagonist, Prabhas. In this interview, the director said, “I hope people will feel really strange when they leave the theater after watching Kalki 2898 AD. I hope they say, Where am I? Can I go back into this world?”

Nag Ashwin added that he felt similarly disoriented after watching James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster Avatar. Nag Ashwin made it clear that he would not change the characters’ names to please the non-Indian audience. The director said that he is not concerned that his film does not involve any characters actively worshipped by Hindus.

He further said, “We can take it as extremely religious, or we can see it as the story of someone who was born with powers but didn’t know what to do with them. He finds his mentor in the process. If you tell it in the Indian context, there will be a bit of emotion and devotion.”

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