Nag Ashwin – Kalki 2898 AD is like the climax of all Indian epics
Published on Jun 18, 2024 4:33 pm IST

The makers of Prabhas’ Kalki 2898 AD released the first episode of the prelude, in which the director Nag Ashwin shared some interesting details. Nag Ashwin said movies like Pathala Bhairavi and Aditya 369 piqued his curiosity in his childhood.

Nag Ashwin said, “When I watched Hollywood movies like Star Wars, I felt a bit disappointed because we also have such great stories in India. According to our epics, Mahabharata is the greatest battle with the most number of characters, and it ends with Krishnavataram. How Dwapara Yuga ended and how this Kali Yuga started is a concept that is worth attempting.”

Nag Ashwin added, “Anyone in the world can be able to relate to this story. Kalki 2898 AD is basically like the climax of all Indian epics. Kali (demon) is present in every yuga, taking different forms like Ravana and Dhuryodhana. How is Kali going to look like in this final yuga? We had this idea, and it took 5 years to write the script. We are very curious to know how people will react to this film, a fusion of mythology and sci-fi.”

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