Naga Vamsi – I don’t understand why people care about logics in big hero films
Published on Mar 26, 2024 8:56 pm IST

In a recent interview, Naga Vamsi stated that they make films to entertain the audience and give fans an ultimate high. The interviewer asked Naga Vamsi why Mahesh Babu frequently travels from Guntur to Hyderabad in Guntur Kaaram. Naga Vamsi answered that one should see the beautiful mother emotion in the film and that there is no need to think about the location.

Naga Vamsi said, “When we design a song like Kurchi Madathapetti, we would have many things running in our minds. Sreeleela is a good dancer, and Mahesh Garu has been killing it in mass songs lately. We wanted Kurchi Madathapetti to be better than the recent mass songs in Mahesh Babu Garu’s films. Why is Sreeleela in that location? Why did she change her attire? All these are inconsequential.”

The producer went on to say, “I don’t understand why people care about logics when it comes to star hero films. When we make a story-oriented film, then it makes sense if people talk about the logical aspect. When we make a commercial film scheduled for a festival release, we must ensure the film has all the commercial elements. Guntur Kaaram is about a mother and son reuniting, and we told it in a commercial way. I felt it was enough, but I don’t know why there has been a lot of negativity around it?”

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