Nikhil clarifies about scuffle with engineering students

Nikhil, who’s on a high post the success of Swamy Ra Ra, found himself in a tricky situation after a scuffle broke out at St Peter’s Engineering college near Hyderabad. Reports suggest that Nikhil’s brother, who is studying in that Engineering college, had some issues with fellow students and earlier today, Nikhil went to the college where a scuffle broke out between the students and Nikhil. However, the actor has completely denied that he was involved in the scuffle. Soon after he returned from the college, he took to Twitter to clarify his stand and made a strong statement that he was only doing his bit to stop ragging at that college.

Revealing his side of the story, Nikhil said, “My Younger Bro Was ragged by his seniors in college and the college and the police have taken action. i went to pick him up. thats it guys. ragging is a demon that shud b curbed.. i was an engineering student to and ragging never happened .. seniors nd juniors have to be friendly. today my brother who is a 1st yr student was ragged.. tomorrow it cud b anyone… so plz stop this. and media also shud help in curbing this.” It still remains to be seen what new turn this incident takes over the next few days.