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Noted stars question the need of National Anthem
Published on Oct 25, 2017 1:25 pm IST

Supreme court made it mandatory to play National Anthem in cinema halls since a year. Soon after this, many filmy celebs from various industries have expressed their personal views on this.

Meanwhile, noted Kollywood stars Kamal Haasan and Arvind Swami, who earlier opposed this decision have once again responded on social media platform.

Kamal on his official Twitter handle wrote ” Singapore plays it’s national anthem every midnight. Likewise do so on DD. Do not force or test my patriotism at various random places. The reason Singapore crops up in arguments is that it is a benevolent dictatorship according to some critics. Do we want that. No pls”

On the other side, Arvind Swami also asked ” I will always stand up for our National Anthem & sing along which I do with great pride. Never understood why it was mandatory n cinema halls only. Why not every day in all govt offices, courts, before assembly and parliament sessions?”

Apparently, Supreme Court a few days ago said that people now need not stand up in cinema halls when the national anthem is being played.

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