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Polimera 2’s success once again proves content is king
Published on Nov 5, 2023 12:20 pm IST

Polimera 2 has become a sleeper hit at the box office. The first part was released on Hotstar and it drew a lot of attention. So, when the audience knew that the second part was coming they were automatically interested.

This gave the film a solid buzz automatically. Apart from that, the trailer has lived up to the hype created. Satyam Rajesh, who is known to play comic roles plays a very dark character in the film and this is also an attraction for the film.

The way Polimera 2 is going at the box office shows that if the content is different and intriguing, the audience will come to the theatres at any cost. There is no need for a star hero to pull the audience to the theatres.

Dr Anil Vishwanath has directed this film which is based on black magic. The manner in which the film has been narrated with a lot of twists has also become a talking point. So, the success of Polimera 2 once again proves the fact that content is always king.

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