Puli falls prey to leakage problems

The much awaited teaser of Tamil superstar Vijay’s upcoming socio-fantasy film, Puli, was leaked much ahead of its official release yesterday. As per the reports, a young technician named MS Midhun working at the Four Frames Studios that handled the sound mixing of the film’s teaser is the culprit behind the leakage and he has been arrested by the Chennai police, following a complaint by the film’s makers.

Earlier, the makers planned to release the teaser on Monday midnight on the eve of Vijay’s birthday. However, the teaser was uploaded on social networking sites and went viral by Sunday afternoon. This led the makers to release the teaser in the afternoon to control the damage.

The Producer’s Council will hold a meeting today to ensure that similar incidents do not repeat in the future. In an incresingly alarming trend of late, most big budget films have been facing this leakage menace before the theatrical release, while they also have to deal with piracy post the release.