Renu Desai – I was the one who asked for Rs. 3500 through my Insta account
Published on May 15, 2024 11:26 pm IST

Renu Desai is an active social media follower. She regularly shares updates, videos, and photos of her children with her Instagram followers. She also states her opinions and views regarding some issues on social media. She started her second innings with Ravi Teja’s Tiger Nageswara Rao, but the film didn’t achieve the desired result at the box office.

Renu Desai has been inactive on social media for the past few days. Her last message, asking for 3500 rupees, which she posted on Instagram with a QR code, muddled up with the fans. While some people sent the money within minutes, some netizens felt something was wrong and thought her account had been hacked.

Now, Renu Desai posted a video on Instagram and cleared the air. She stated that she had been unwell, which is the reason behind her absence on social media. She clarified that her account was not hacked and added that she was the one who requested to send the amount. She thanked everyone for their concern and those who donated the amount.

She explained that she usually donates some amount to the welfare of children, cattle, animals, etc. Renu Desai added, “I can’t donate all of my earnings since I need to take care of my children. I will keep donating, and I decided to ask my followers wherever I run out of funds.” Renu Desai also stated that she is constructing an animal shelter, for which she will invite donations. The actress cum director once again thanked the netizens who helped her on humanitarian grounds.

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