Rs. 150 crores pinned on Adivi Sesh’s G2 and Dacoit
Published on Jan 25, 2024 10:00 am IST

Telugu actor Adivi Sesh, recognized for his good looks and talent, is currently immersed in multiple projects like G2 (Goodachari 2) and Dacoit, both spanning the Indian film market.

With a reputation for consistently delivering quality and engaging narratives, Sesh is diligently working on G2 and Dacoit. The producers are investing around Rs. 150 crores in him, a prudent move considering his current success and the robust theatrical and non-theatrical market. Massive sets are being constructed for both films, currently in production.

Directed by Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi and Shaniel Deo, G2 and Dacoit feature Banita Sandhu and Shruti Haasan as the leading ladies, respectively. Stay tuned for more updates on these promising projects.

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