RX100 director wants to make a biopic on RGV

Young director Ajay Bhupathi has made a successful debut with the recent blockbuster romantic drama, RX100. It’s been reported earlier that Ajay Bhupathi had assisted eccentric filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on a few projects.

In a recent interview, Ajay Bhupathi said that if ever he will make a biopic it will be on his mentor RGV. “He is India’s best technician,” Ajay said, explaining the reason why he chose RGV’s story for a possible biopic.

However, Ajay is not amused by RGV provoking people unnecessarily. “As a punishment, he should be made to watch only family dramas forever,” Ajay said jokingly. On the work front, Ajay is in talks with noted Bollywood production house, Phantom, for RX100’s Hindi remake.