Shocking – Shanmukh drops to an all-time low in voting?
Published on Dec 11, 2021 1:00 am IST

Shanmukh is one contestant who has a huge following on social media. The manner in which he was playing the game was also good in the last few weeks.

Ever since Siri’s mother came on the show and openly told that she does not like Shanmukh staying close to her daughter, the young Youtuber has lost it.

He has been behaving in a weird manner and has been restricting Siri in a big way. Now, all this has outraged the social media who says Shanmukh has lost it.

This has affected the voting for Shanmukh in a big way. Shanmukh, who was always in the top three has slipped down to the fifth place and only Kajal is below him now. Some even say that he can also be eliminated this week.

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