Shyamala Devi – I felt bad watching the astrologer’s comments on Prabhas’ health
Published on Jan 23, 2024 5:07 pm IST

Shyamala Devi, aunt of PAN India star Prabhas, reacted to astrologer Venu Swamy’s recent comments on the actor’s health. Lately, the astrologer stated bad things about Prabhas’ health, which has hurt the fans and movie lovers.

Shyamala Devi said, “I have come to know from others that astrologer Venu Swamy made certain comments regarding the horoscope and health of Prabhas. I saw his video and felt very bad about it. No one knows about Prabhas’ horoscope except his mother. Then how can Venu Swamy know about it? How can he pass such statements?”

Shyalama Devi continued, “Those are all baseless statements. But fans will surely get worried seeing such news. A few even asked me to enquire about the same.” Shyamala Devi further requested everyone not to pay heed to such invalid information.

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