Sudheer Babu opens up about playing a homosexual in Hunt
Published on Jun 11, 2024 8:00 pm IST

With the action thriller Hunt, Sudheer Babu has made a bold move by playing a homosexual on screen. Hunt is the official remake of the Malayalam film Mumbai Police. Prithviraj Sukumaran played the lead role in Mumbai Police, and it was a super hit at the box office. However, the Telugu remake failed to captivate audiences. Sudheer Babu’s brave attempt has become the topic of discussion during the film’s release, as we do not see actors in mainstream Telugu cinema attempting such roles. While promoting his new movie Harom Hara, Sudheer Babu spoke about Hunt.

The actor said, “We expected the public to watch the film with an open mind. Making wise, we wouldn’t have changed much even if I am given another opportunity. If you compare Hunt with the original, we made several changes. Not that we were great, but we tried to make improvements since we had a reference. But the main concept remained the same. I gained confidence after watching Uppena. I know Uppena’s script even before its release. I thought it wouldn’t work. But Uppena became successful.”

Sudheer Babu added, “Based on Uppena’s success, I thought there was a massive shift in the taste of the audience. Hence, I believed Hunt was a calculated risk. Somewhere, it backfired. Hunt is liked only by a small segment of people. Moving forward, I will be more cautious while accepting scripts.”

“I thought we should have set the right expectations. Even if it is an experimental film, I feel filmmakers should provide the audience with everything they expect. Uppena had songs and commercial elements, and then there was this shocking element. Give the audience what they want, and then say your point. I think movies might work well if we follow this,” stated Sudheer Babu.

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