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Trade – Akhanda to benefit from Sankranthi 2022
Published on Jan 12, 2022 3:00 am IST

Akhanda has become this massive hit at the box office in no time. The manner in which it is still attracting the masses is there for us all to see.

Now that Sankranthi is nearing soon, the makers are quite confident that the film will reap more money during the festival time.

That is the reason, they have planned a thank meet tomorrow. It is more or less like a promotional show to attract the audience this Sankranthi.

The benefit for Akhanda is that apart from Bangarraju, there are not many releases and this will surely help the collections during those three days of Sankranthi.

But the film is also coming out on OTT on the 21st. We need to see how much does this film make during this season.

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