Vijay Devarakonda’s silence killing everyone
Published on Jun 8, 2019 5:50 pm IST

Vijay Devarakonda is a man who speaks his heart out on several occasions. But from the past few days, he has gone silent and his silence is killing everyone.

A few days back, the teaser of Vijay’s brother, Anand Devarakonda’s, Dorasani was released all over. Since then, Vijay has not spoken a word about the teaser or did not do any promotion on the social media.

He has kept a lot of distance from this film and has not involved in his brother’s career in any which way. This has made everyone wonder as to why Vijay is staying mum about his younger brother’s film.

The talk is that Vijay wants his brother to come up on his own and that is the reason he is staying away. There is also a section which says that this is Vijay’s clever plan to stay calm and create a gossip that he is not interested in his brother’s film which itself will create a good buzz for the film.

Whatever might be the reason, Vijay’s silence has surely raised several eyebrows.

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