Wait continues for an IMAX screen in Hyderabad
Published on Feb 27, 2024 9:03 pm IST

When it comes to encouraging films, Telugu audiences are undoubtedly the best in the country. Especially the Hyderabad audience spread love for movies irrespective of language. But sadly, Hyderabad doesn’t have a single IMAX screen. The worst part is that there isn’t a single IMAX screen in both Telugu states, either. Previously, there used to be an IMAX screen in Hyderabad, but unfortunately that was later removed due to a few issues.

A few hours back, a rumor started floating on social media that Ravi Teja, along with Asian Sunil Narang, is bringing IMAX to Hyderabad. This brought a smile to the faces of movie buffs, but that didn’t last long as Preetham Daniel, Vice President of IMAX India, dismissed the news. So, the wait continues for the IMAX screen in Hyderabad.

For folks who are thinking that Prasad’s large-screen PCX is an IMAX screen, you are totally mistaken. It is surely the biggest screen in the city with a good projection and sound system, but it doesn’t have the aspect ratio that an IMAX screen offers. Now, some of you might be wondering what an IMAX screen and aspect ratio actually means. The tweet attached here might help you better understand the difference between a standard screen and an IMAX screen.

The IMAX format will have more information than a regular screen. The picture quality will be bright, with the best sound on an IMAX screen. The IMAX digital screen (1.90:1) will have 26% more information than a standard screen with a normal scope ratio (2.39:1). An IMAX 70 MM screen (1.43:1) will have 40% more information than a standard screen. Previously, there used to be an IMAX 70 MM (1.43:1) Reel projector in Hyderabad’s Prasads, and back then, it was the only theatre that had the IMAX Reel projector in the entire India.

Only a few movies in Prasad’s PCX will have a flat ratio (1.85:1), which is more or less similar to IMAX digital. IMAX screens will have huge ticket fares, and as per the grapevine, the ticket cap rule set by the government is stopping the IMAX format from entering Hyderabad. Even today, a few, including movie celebrities, are confusing PCX screen with IMAX, but the fact is that Hyderabad is yet to get one IMAX screen.

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