What was Sridevi’s happiest moment?
Published on Aug 12, 2013 5:41 am IST

srideviEvergreen beauty of India Cinema, Sridevi has been there and done that. Spanning over three decades Sridevi has seen everything in her illustrious career.

Recollecting some of her happiest moments in life, Sridevi remembered an incident which made her husband Boney Kapoor quite tensed. Way back in the 90’s when Sridevi was shooting in Mumbai severe bomb blasts rocked the Mumbai city and Srievi was busy shooting for an outdoors.

Knowing that news a worried Boney Kapoor started searching for Sridevi everywhere including her hotel where she was put up. Once knowing that she was shooting at an outdoor, Boney rushed to the site and located his wife to be hale and healthy.

Sridevi describes the releaved reaction that she saw on her husbands face was the happiest moment of her life and whenever she remembers that she is filled with lots of love an emotions.

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