Why is Nag producing Rajanna?

Nagarjuna Akkineni is donning the producer’s hat, perhaps after a very long time in his 25-year old career. He said the manner in which Director Vijayendra Prasad sketched his character was a revelation. This was the key reason as to why he felt like producing the movie himself. Nag said most of the key events in the film were the ones that actually happened during the freedom struggle. He also had a special word of praise for the manner in which Director Rajamouli picturized the action episodes.

He assured his fans that the movie will have top range technical values and will be a visual extravaganza. The evergreen actor revealed that except for a song, the shooting of the entire movie was complete. After completing the post production formalities, Nag said that the picture will hit the screens in the 3rd week of December. Sneha is the heroine in the film.