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Review : Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali – Only for few moments
NAAGMC Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : September 16, 2022 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Sudheer Babu, Krithi Shetty, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, and others

Director: Mohanakrishna Indraganti

Producers: Mahendra Babu, Kiran Ballapalli

Music Director : Vivek Sagar

Cinematography : P. G. Vinda

Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh

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Tollywood young actor Sudheer Babu teamed up with the sensible director Mohanakrishna Indraganti for the third time for the film Aa Ammayi Gurunchi Meeku Cheppali. Most happening heroine Krithi Shetty played the female lead. The film hit the screens today. Let’s find out how it is.


Naveen (Sudheer Babu) is a filmmaker who has delivered double-hattrick blockbusters. He thinks to attempt a different film and unites with his friend Venkata Ramana (Rahul Ramakrishna). During this process, he comes across a video of Alekhya (Krithi Shetty) an ophthalmologist. Pretty impressed by her charm and performance, he thinks to cast her as his film heroine. Alekhya and her family hate films to the core. But desperate Naveen keeps trying to convince her. Did he succeed in his attempt? Why do Alekhya and her family hate movies? Watch the film to know the answers.

Plus Points:

Sudheer Babu is a good performer and he proves this once again with the film. His role demands maturity and he gave a settled performance throughout as a film director. His acting in key scenes which come in the second half is neat and brings the required depth.

Krithi Shetty has probably got the best role of her career and she gave a stunning performance. Her character is well written and Krithi does complete justice to it. The entire film revolves around her role and she is just brilliant. The interval twist is impressive.

The emotional angle has been well handled by the director. The apprehensions a family has when their child wants to get into the film industry are showcased well. The director tried to balance this family drama by adding the humor element and he succeeded in this aspect. Vennela Kishore as co-director of Sudheer Babu evoked laughs in both halves with his one-liners.

Minus Points:

Though the film is engaging, it has its drawbacks. The pacing has been very slow in the first half and at parts in the latter hour. The director opted for more lengthy sequences which at times will be boring. More trimming needs to be done to make it even better.

The theme of the film is something that may not appeal to the masses. Few characters aren’t handled well and they are inconsistent. The first half of the film is pretty ordinary and a lot of time has been taken to get into the actual plot.

Also, the film goes flat most of the time and it becomes predictable too. A good romantic drama needed a better album to elevate the drama, but the songs are underwhelming and don’t create much impact.

Technical Aspects:

Though the songs aren’t that great, the BGM by Vivek Sagar is fair. The camera work by P.G. Vindha is too good. The production values are high and the makers spent what was required for the film.

Coming to director Indraganti Mohanakrishna he has once again chosen a sensible family drama that had more emotions and did a decent job in making an engaging film. Though the magic of his previous films is a bit missing, he still delivers a decent film here.


On the whole, Aa Ammayi Gurunchi Meeku Cheppali is a passable romantic drama that has a below-par first half and a decent second half. Superlative performances by the lead pair, good emotional scenes, and the fun part are its assets. On the flip side, the slow narrative, lack of consistency, the length, and a few boring sequences bring down the film which otherwise would have been more magical. You can watch the film by having your expectations in check. Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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