Review : Adavi Kachina Vennela – Concept based drama
Adavi-Kachina-Vennela Release date : Aug 01, 2014 Rating : 2.75/5
Director Akki Vishwanathreddy
Producer : Akki Vishwanathreddy
Music Director : Joshya Batla
Starring : Arvind Krishna, Meenakshi Deekshit, Rishi, Pooja Ramkrishan

Continuing with the trend of low budget films, this week saw the release of Adavi Kachina Vennela. Produced and directed by Vishwanada Reddy, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


This film is based on the story of a young man(Aravind Krishna), who is in the search of a valuable ancient treasure. He lives in a small village, and keeps buying land, to find out whether that land has any hidden treasure underneath.

As he moves on with his search, he encounters Vennela (Meenaxi Dixit) who is after him for some other reason. Who is Vennela ? Why is she after Aravind Krishna ? What happens to the treasure ? Will they ever find it ? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch this film on the big screen.

Plus Points:-

Story of the film is quite unique. The way the treasure hunt is interlaced with anti social elements, is quite interesting. Second half of the film is quite racy and has many interesting moments.

Meenaxi Dixit is the highlight of the film. She has a plump role, which she plays it with a lot of ease. Her glamour and acting capabilities have been nicely utilized by the director. Acting wise too, she has impressed nicely. If she plans her career well, she could go a long way.

Pooja Rama Chandran, who played the role of Aravind Krishna’s wife also does a decent job. Even though she has quite a bold role, she carries it off with a lot of dignity. Vinod Kumar is ok as the baddie.

Minus Points:-

Major drawback of the film is that it is a bit confusing and lengthy. After the first fifteen minutes, the characters, their aim in the film is unclear. Just when you think the film starts to catch up pace, an item song and some silly situations enter the film.

The way the film was ended leaves a lot to be desired. As the director was planning for a sequel, the ending was kept open. Prithvi’s comedy role and his episode could have been easily eliminated to make the film crisp.

Aravind Krishna’s role was also a bit unclear. The director had failed to show the leads intentions as to why is he in search of the treasure. He looks quite dull, and may be the director could have focused more on his characterization, his role would have been pretty good.

It would have been really great if the songs have been eliminated from the film. They only add to the run time and come as a barriers in the film. Some logics and character justifications have also been missing in the film

Technical Aspects:-

Adavi Kachina Vennela is technically a pretty decent film. Camera work is top notch. The way the rural set up and village atmosphere has been showcased is quite good. Production values are quite good for this film.

Art direction is also a major asset. The rustic village look, and the styling of the characters is also well done. Dialogues of the film need a special mention. They have been written nicely and suit the nativity well.

Editing is ok, but could have been away with some scenes. Screenplay of the film is a bit slow, and some scenes and one song in the first half could have been removed completely.

Director Vishwanada Reddy, has chosen a very interesting subject for his debut film. Even though he shows promise for his debut film, his execution lacks in establishing the characters.


On the whole, Adavi Kachina Vennela is a brave attempt in today’s routine and commercial cinema format. Decent camerawork and meaningful dialogues are some basic plus, but lack of grip in the screenplay makes this film just an ok watch. Those who are in for zany thrillers can give this film a shot. Rating –2.75/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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