Review : Chitram Kadu Nijam – Half Baked Thriller
Chitram Kadu Nijam

Release date : April 3, 2015 Rating : 2.75/5

Director : Shailendra Babu

Producer : Good Friends

Starring : Krishna Prasad,Tanuja, Janu,Vijay Chendoor…

Horror thrillers have become quite common these days. Continuing with the trend, a dubbed Kannada film titled Chitram Kadu Nijam has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


The story is based on a real life incident which happened in Mangaluru, Karnataka. A group of six friends go trekking in the dense forest and vanish one after the other. One of the friends in the group, shoots these incidents on camera which is later found by the police. The film showcases the footage of how the group members die one after the other.

Plus Points:-

Major plus point of the film is the way the real life incident is showcased in a cinematic way. All the scenes executed in the dense forest have been designed quite interestingly. Some situational comedy which comes during the group’s journey is decent. Some of the spooky scenes in the second half are pretty decent.

Second half of the film is a bit racy when compared to the first. A lot of things happen during this time and the film catches some pace. All the actors have done a decent job in their roles. The locations in the dense forest are shown quite beautifully. Some thrills in the second half are executed well. The way some of the deaths are executed is quite spooky.

Minus Points:-

Major drawback of the film is the lack of enough thrills. All the thrilling elements showcased are just about ok and do not create any surprise element. First half of the film is quite boring as the story only kicks off during the interval.

Lack of known faces will be a problem to pull the crowds to the theaters. The voice over in the move says that the scenes showcased in the film is the actual footage, which is very hard to believe. Every scene has been re-shot and gets predictable after a point.

Even though the run time of the film is crisp, things move at a snails pace. It is only during the last half an hour that the actual movie unfolds. The character of the guy who is saved at the end lacks clarity.

Technical Aspects:-

Camerawork in the film is realistic and nicely executed. The way the makers have gone about showcasing the visuals look exciting to the naked eye. Locations chosen are mind blowing as the dense forests have been captured quite effectively. Background score is good and elevates the film to a decent level. Director Ramesh has nicely adapted a real life incident in a cinematic way. If he could have added some more thrills, the outcome could have been far better.


On the whole, Chitram Kadu Nijam is yet another average thriller which has some engaging moments. A racy second half, interesting camerawork and some spooky elements create an impact. On the flip side, a boring and hurried up first half spoils the flow of the film. All those who like horror thrillers with a unique theme can give this film a shot, and the rest can take it easy and wait for it to come on TV. Rating : 2.75/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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