Review: Drushyam- Emotional Thriller
drishyam-review Release date : July 11, 2014 Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Sripriya
Producer : D. Suresh Babu, Rajkumar Sethupathi
Music Director : Sharath
Starring : Venkatesh, Meena, Kritika

Drushyam has been one of the most awaited films in the recent past. Remake of a Malayalam super hit with the same name, this film has Venkatesh and Meena in lead roles. We have been to a special screening and are bringing you the detailed review much in advance.


Ram Babu(Venkatesh) is a honest cable operator in the small village of Rajavaram. He lives with his wife(Meena) and two teenage daughters and leads a happy life with his small but happy family.

One fine day, an uncanny incident featuring his elder daughter strikes his family, and puts them in deep trouble with the cops. Rest of the story is as to how Ram Babu manages to come out of his problems, and saves his family.

Plus Points:-

Firstly, I would like to commend Venkatesh for a doing a mature role like this. Time and again, he has proved that no one can beat him when it comes to family and sentiment films. He plays the character of Ram Babu exceptionally, and justifies it with heartwarming emotions. Venkatesh is especially good in the confrontation scenes with the police, and carries the whole film on his shoulders.

Meena is apt as Venkatesh’s wife, and supports him ably. Major highlight of the film is the way family emotions and the bond showcased between the family members connects with the audience. The girls who did the role of Venkatesh’s daughters were exceptional.

Yet another major plus point of this film is the suspense and thrill that is showcased throughout the film. Right after first fifteen minutes, till the very end, Drushyam holds you on to your seats completely. Once again Nadia does an superb job in the role of a police officer. She has a tailor made role and is ably supported by Naresh.

Minus Points:-

First fifteen minutes of the film looks pretty ordinary, and takes some time for the story to kick off. The so called romance that is showcased between Meena and Venkatesh looks unnecessary and forced.

Those who have seen the Malayalam version, will not enjoy the movie much. Some scenes and locations look similar to the original and could have been changed to suit the nativity.

Technical Aspects:-

Firstly, I would like to mention about the story, which is quite unique for a Telugu film. The way a family subject is interlaced with a thrilling mystery is quite entertaining. Music of the film is quite ok, and so is the background score.

Camerawork is pretty good, and showcases the film in good light. Editing is quite good, and adds a lot of depth to the film. Dialogues are good, and so are the lyrics. Screenplay of the film is quite brilliant, and the way the suspense is revealed is also good. Major credit should go to the director Sri Priya, who handles the subject quite cleverly.


On the whole, Drishyam is one film which works big time in all departments. Right from the striking performances of Venkatesh and Nadia, to the thrilling suspense elements, Drushyam has everything for everyone. A must watch for the entire family. Rating – 3.5/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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