Review : Farhana – Thrills decently
Farhana Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : May 12, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Aishwarya Rajesh, Selvaraghavan, Aishwarya Dutta, Jithan Ramesh, Anumol

Director: Nelson Venkatesan

Producers: S R Prakash Babu, S R Prabu

Music Director: Justin Prabhakaran

Cinematography: Gokul Benoy

Editor: VJ Sabu Joseph

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Actress Aishwarya Rajesh is back with another female-centric film, titled Farhana. Directed by Nelson Venkatesan, the movie has released today. Let’s see how the film is.


Story :

Farhana (Aishwarya Rajesh), a pious Muslim woman, takes up a job to support her family financially. She joins a call centre and in no time shifts to another department, where she develops an emotional bond with an unknown caller and eventually reveals her true identity to him. She is eager to meet him in real life. What happened next? Did Farhana meet him? Did she face any problems? Who is the mysterious caller and what are his intentions? Is Farhana safe? The movie answers all these questions.


Plus Points :

For the last five months, actress Aishwarya Rajesh has played in five different films, and Farhana is one of them. In this movie, she delivers the finest performance as Farhana, a responsible wife and a caring mother. One can’t imagine any other actress in the role because she played the character with such ease. Women can easily relate to this character.

The director, Nelson Venkatesan, takes a realistic point and narrates it in a neat manner in the second half. He didn’t create any unnecessary drama by sticking simply to the main plot.

Actor-director Selvaraghavan did a wonderful job. The director maintains suspense even in the second hour by not revealing his face. He appears for a limited time on screen, but creates an impact with his dialogues.

Some of the dialogues are thought-provoking, thanks to the dialogue writers Manushyaputhiran, Nelson Venkatesan, and Shankar Dass. Jithan Ramesh, Kitty, and others justified their respective roles.


Minus Points :

The story is good, but the screenwriters Nelson Venkatesan, Sankar Dass, and Ranjith Ravindran could have run the show much better by writing an engaging screenplay, especially in the first half.

Some of the scenes make one feel bored because of the unnecessary lag created. A few scenes in the second half also suffer from the same issue. Had the proceedings been racy, the film would have been an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

The director should have taken better care of the climax portion. One would wait to see how Farhana would tackle the man who disturbed her mentally, but that hasn’t been showcased properly. One would definitely wait for a better climax and a good message, only to find out these aspects have been poorly handled. Moreover, a crisp runtime could have helped the movie big time.


Technical Aspects :

The director narrates the point in a decent way, but the film’s fate would have been much better if he had concentrated more on writing an even more engaging screenplay.

The score by Justin Prabhakaran intensifies the scenes and thus the mood. He deserves to be appreciated for his wonderful work. Gokul Benoy as DOP is fine, and VJ Sabu Joseph should have trimmed off some unnecessary scenes in both the halves.

Production values are rich, and you can witness them on the big screen. The Telugu dubbing for Aishwarya Rajesh and Selvaraghavan sounds quite good.

Verdict :

On the whole, Farhana is a decent thriller that takes a realistic approach. Aishwarya Rajesh’s character and performance are the movie’s strengths. Although there are a few unnecessary scenes in both halves, you can give this film a watch this weekend. Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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