Review : Gaalipatam – Unique Concept
gali-patam-review Release date : Aug 08, 2014 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Naveen Gandhi
Producer : Sampath Nandi, Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijayakumar Vattikuti
Music Director : Bheems Ceciroleo
Starring : Aadi, Erica Fernandes, Kristina Akheeva, Rahul Ravindran

Young hero Aadi, has proved himself as a talented hero in Tollywood. He is now back with his latest film Gaalipatam. Directed by debutante Naveen Gandhi, this film is produced by Sampath Nandi. Music of this flick has been a huge hit, and the film has hit the screens today. Lets see how it is.


Karthik(Aadi) and Swetha(Erika Fernandez) are a happily married working couple. They even win the best couple award in their office and to celebrate this occasion, they plan a special party. But sadly, the party ends up in a big mess as the couple get drunk and end up into a huge fight.

During the course of the fight, they reveal about their past lovers Parineethi (Kristina Akheeva) and Aarav Reddy(Rahul). Things take an ugly turn, and both of them jointly decide to take a divorce. Rest of the story is as to whether they successfully get separated, and meet their respective lovers.

Plus Points:-

Major plus point of the film is the concept chosen. Probably, it is the first time in Tollywood, that a bold subject like this has been dealt with. Sampath Nandi’s story itself is quite unique, and portrays life style of today’s generation. The makers should be lauded for attempting such a bold film in today’s commercial wave.

Coming to Aadi, it is a tailor made role for him. He has immensely improved as an actor, and has given a honest performance. The way he goes about his role, and portrays various emotions during the second half is quite brilliant. Coming to the heroines, Kristina Akheeva steals away the limelight from Erika. Even though she is new to the language, the way she has emoted is quite good.

First half of the film is quite interesting and entertaining. The way younger generation, and some harsh realities of society have been portrayed is quite good. Comedians Chammak Chandra and Saptagiri bring in a few laughs.

Minus Points:-

Even though the concept is bold, there a few scenes where the makers have gone overboard. Second half of the film wanders from the script, and a few unnecessary comedy scenes come into the picture.

The way climax has been handled is quite brave, and might not go well with a majority of the audience. Rahul has a simple role and has nothing much to do in the film. Right when the film is dealing with a serious point, the movie moves into a unnecessary commercial zone and bogs down a bit.

Technical Aspects:-

Music of the film is a major highlight. All the songs are pretty good, and have also been shot well. Dialogues by Sampath Nandi are top notch, and hit the right chords. Screenplay of the film is quite good in the first half, but bogs down a bit during the second.

Director Naveen Gandhi handles Sampath Nandi’s story quite well, and narrates it in an interesting way. Editing is just about ok, as many scenes could have been easily chopped off. Camerawork is also pretty good, and so are the production values.


On the whole, Gaalipatam is quite a brave film in today’s day and age. It puts out its message loud and clear, in a pretty bolder way. Aadi’s mature performance, and an unconventional climax makes this film definitely worth a watch. Rating –3.25/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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