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Love Guru Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name : Love Guru

Release Date : April 11, 2024 Rating : 2.75/5

Starring: Vijay Antony, Mirnalini Ravi, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sudha, Sreeja Ravi and others

Director: Vinayak Vaithianathan

Producer: Meera Vijay Antony

Music Director: Barath Dhanasekar

Cinematographer: Farook J Basha

Editor: Vijay Antony

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Today, the Tamil comedy drama Romeo hits the screens, featuring the actor Vijay Antony and the talented Mrinalini Ravi. The Telugu version, titled Love Guru, is also releasing alongside the Tamil version. Let’s delve into our review to see how the film holds up.


Successful businessman Aravind (Vijay Antony) returns from Malaysia to his village, Simhachalam, and instantly falls for Leela (Mirnalini Ravi). After their wedding, they relocate to Hyderabad. Aravind soon realises that Leela married him to escape parental pressure. Despite feeling confused, Aravind decides not to interfere with Leela’s aspirations. However, everything changes with the arrival of Vikram. Who is Vikram? What is Leela’s true ambition? Did Leela ever love Aravind? Was Aravind aware of Vikram’s existence? These questions hold the key to the story, awaiting audiences’ discovery on the big screen.

Plus Points:

Vijay Antony shines in Love Guru, showcasing a refreshing side with his dance moves and comedic flair, a deviation from his usual roles. His emotive performance, especially in the latter part of the film, adds depth to the character.

Mirnalini Ravi impresses with her portrayal. She finessely embodies her character’s struggles and aspirations, adding layers to the narrative.

The comedic elements, delivered by VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu, inject humour and light-heartedness into the storyline, providing consistent entertainment throughout the movie. Others are okay in their respective roles.

Minus Points:

However, Love Guru’s storyline feels derivative, resembling a popular Hindi film, making it easy to predict the plot’s trajectory and diminishing the element of surprise.

While the debutant director, Vinayak Vaithiyanathan, effectively handles the first half, the latter portions lack the same finesse, with some scenes feeling repetitive and lacking impact.

Despite some emotional scenes hitting the mark, others could have been better written to resonate more deeply with the audience. Additionally, apart from a couple of pleasing tracks, the rest of the soundtrack fails to leave a lasting impression.

A missed opportunity lies in developing stronger dialogue exchanges between the leads, which could have enriched the film’s emotional core, compensating for its predictable nature.

Technical Aspects:

While Vinayak Vaithiyanathan’s direction and writing are okay, a stronger focus on crafting a unique storyline with richer emotional depth and a more engaging screenplay, especially in the second half, could have elevated Love Guru’s overall impact.

Barath Dhanasekar’s music and Farook J Basha’s cinematography contribute to the film’s visual and auditory appeal. However, Vijay Antony’s editing, particularly in the second half, could have been tighter to eliminate redundant scenes. Nevertheless, the production values are commendable, and the Telugu dubbing is well-executed.


On the whole, Love Guru provides moments of entertainment despite its predictability. Vijay Antony and Mirnalini Ravi deliver admirable performances, complemented by effective comedic relief. However, the film’s derivative storyline, occasional pacing issues, and repetitive elements might leave audiences wanting more. Exploring alternative options for weekend entertainment could be a wise choice. Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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