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Review : Narakasura – Strictly for action scenes
Narakasura Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : November 03, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janardanan, Sangeerthana Vipin, Shatru, Nasser, Charan Raj, Sriman, Tej Charanraj, and others

Director: Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior

Producers: Dr Ajja Sreenivas and Karumuru Raghu

Music Director: AIS Nawfal Raja

Cinematographers: Nani Chamidisetty

Editor: Ch Vamshee Krishna

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Palasa 1978 fame Rakshit Atluri starrer action drama ‘Narakasura’ hit screens today. Check out our review to find out how the movie is.


In a village situated near the Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu border, Shiva (Rakshit Atluri) works as a lorry driver in coffee and black peppercorn fields. He is obedient to MLA Nagama Naidu (Charan Raj). However, events take a dramatic turn, leading Shiva to pursue MLA’s son, Aadhi Naidu (Tej Charan Raj). What transpired between them? Why is Shiva harboring anger towards Aadhi? How is Keshava (Shatru) connected to the story? What actions does the MLA take next? All these answers are revealed in the movie.

Plus Points:

Rakshit Atluri, who previously impressed everyone with his acting skills in Palasa 1978, delivers a polished performance in this film. His portrayal in emotional and action scenes is highly commendable.

Actresses Aparna Janardhan and Sangeerthana Vipin appear natural and effectively justify their roles within their respective limitations.

Shatru takes on yet another distinctive role. Despite the limited screen time, he shines in the scenes he’s featured in.

The visuals are expertly captured, and the fight sequences, particularly in the climax, are skillfully shot.

Minus Points:

It is the story that falls short. Director Sebastian Noah Acosta Jr. attempts to convey a message of gender equality, with a focus on the transgender community. While there’s nothing wrong with this message, its relevance to a completely different storyline remains unclear. The director should have made the transgender community’s significance more apparent in the storyline.

From the beginning of the film, the screenplay progresses at a snail’s pace. The incorporation of cheesy comedy scenes in the first half, instead of driving the main plot, fosters an increasing feeling of boredom. While the audience eagerly anticipates the story in the second half, it unfolds as a simple and routine narrative lacking strong narration.

Numerous characters populate the film but lack significant development. The director could have provided the phenomenal actor Nasser with a more substantial role.

Although the female lead, Aparna Janardhan, is beautiful, her character has a limited scope for performance. The emotional bond between Rakshit Atluri and Sangeerthana Vipin could have been more deeply explored to connect with the audience.

Technical Aspects:

Director Sebastian Noah Acosta Jr. could have crafted a more compelling story with a gripping screenplay to transform ‘Narakasura’ into a solid action drama.

A couple of songs are enjoyable and infuse vibrancy when played on the screen, thanks to the composer AIS Nawfal Raja. There’s room for improvement by trimming down the surplus of cheesy comedy scenes and unnecessary segments that create a lag in the first half, making the entire film more concise.

Cinematographer Nani Chamidisetty delivers a satisfying job with commendable visuals. The producers have invested significantly in creating a visually rich film.


On the whole, Narakasura is an okay action drama that offers nothing new regarding the storyline. While Rakshit Atluri’s performance and the action sequences are decent, the lazy screenplay hinders the film’s progress. Additionally, the action scenes may not resonate with everyone. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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