Review : Oppenheimer – An immersive tale of the famous physicist
Published on Jul 22, 2023 3:06 am IST
Oppenheimer Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : July 21, 2023 Rating : 3.75/5

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, Josh Hartnett, Casey Affleck, Rami Malek, Kenneth Branagh

Director: Christopher Nolan

Producers: Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan

Music Director: Ludwig Göransson

Cinematographer: Hoyte van Hoytema

Editor: Jennifer Lame

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Genius director Christopher Nolan is back with his new film, Oppenheimer, which has been highly anticipated by fans worldwide. The film hit screens today. Dive into our review to find out how this movie fares.


Leslie Groves (Matt Damon), US Army Corps of Engineers Officer, approaches J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy), a theoretical physicist, during World War ll to ask him to make an Atomic Bomb (A-Bomb). Oppenheimer and other physicists develop it, which the US government later uses in the war. Later, Oppenheimer is termed as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” but after a few years, a trial on Oppenheimer is conducted. Why is the trial? What does Oppenheimer do next? The movie tells the remaining story.

Plus Points:

Christopher Nolan, renowned for his grand storytelling, masterfully depicts the emotional journey of the Father of the Atomic Bomb. He takes a captivating approach, focusing not on the A-bomb’s making but on its creator’s life.

Cillian Murphy delivers an award-winning performance as Oppenheimer, skillfully portraying the complexities of the physicist’s character.

Robert Downey Jr. surprises audiences with his convincing portrayal of Lewis Strauss, a negative role that showcases his versatility as an actor.

Emily Blunt’s portrayal of Kitty, Oppenheimer’s wife, adds depth to the film, while Florence Pugh, Matt Damon, and other supporting actors enhance the overall movie experience.

The absence of CGI in showing the A-bomb detonation in Los Alamos is a remarkable achievement by the entire team, resulting in one of the movie’s most impressive sequences.

The other highlights include Oppenheimer’s post-war speech, interactions with Albert Einstein (Tom Conti), and well-crafted dialogues.

Minus Points:

The lengthy 3-hour runtime may make some viewers feel bored, although those engaged in the narrative will likely be okay with it.

The use of scattered timelines, an integral part of the screenplay, throughout the film, might challenge viewers with limited knowledge of Oppenheimer’s life. Some prior understanding of the physicist’s background could enhance the viewing experience.

The first hour is less dramatic than the second, potentially affecting the overall engagement. Additionally, the shift between monochromatic and color scenes may not appeal to all viewers. The abundance of characters could confuse those unfamiliar with Oppenheimer’s story.

Technical Aspects:

Christopher Nolan’s direction perfectly narrates the ups and downs in Oppenheimer’s life, showcasing the theoretical physicist’s journey with expertise.

The movie impresses with top-notch sound design and a score by Ludwig Goransson, which emphasizes many scenes in the film. He delivers an award-winning outcome. The cinematography is top-notch, while the editor could have tightened the first half by removing some unnecessary scenes. The film’s rich production values are awe-inspiring, especially in depicting the Atomic Bomb explosion without CGI.


In Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan once again proves that he is fantastic at narrating stories in the best possible way. Cillian Murphy’s performance is commendable, and he will undoubtedly be bestowed with prestigious awards for his portrayal. However, the scattered timelines and unnecessary scenes may create confusion and boredom for some viewers. If you can overlook these aspects and remain attentive to the plot, book your tickets for the movie this weekend to experience Nolan’s magic. Rating: 3.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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