Review : Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu – Lacks freshness
Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : March 03, 2023 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Sohel, Mrinalini Ravi, Rajendra Prasad, Meena, Varun Sandesh, Rashmi, Sunil, Ali, Ajay Ghosh, Sapthagiri. Praveen and others

Director: S.V. Krishna Reddy

Producers: Koneru Kalpana

Music Director: S.V. Krishna Reddy

Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad

Editor: Prawin Pudi

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The superhit Telugu director S.V. Krishna Reddy has again wielded the megaphone for the film Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu after a 9-year-long gap. Starring BiggBoss Sohel and Mrinalini Ravi in the lead roles, the film hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Vijay (Sohel), a failed film director starts selling Kondapalli toys made by his sculptor parents to make a living. He meets Haasini (Mrinalini Ravi) in a five-star hotel and soon both fall for each other. During this, a producer named Munikonda (Sunil) approaches Vijay and offers him a film chance. While all is going well, Venkatramana (Rajendra Prasad), the doting father of Haasini learns about his daughter’s love affair. Venkatramana obstructs Haasini’s relationship citing the poor economical status of Vijay’s family. What happened next? Was Vijay successful with his new film? How did he win over Venkatramana? The main film has the answers.

Plus Points:

Bigg Boss fame Sohel has an impressive screen presence and the actor did a very good job in the film. Sohel as a failed director and as an honest person did his part nicely. His dances, fights, fun, and heroic scenes are sure to entertain his fans.

Mrinalini Ravi, who made her Telugu debut with Gadhhalakonda Ganesh, is very expressive as Haasini. The actress looks quite gorgeous and shared a neat chemistry with the protagonist. It’s good to see Sunil in an innocent and fun-driven role. Sunil’s body language and mannerisms are nicely used by the director.

The first half of the film is passable with okayish comedy. Rajendra Prasad has done yet another important role and the veteran actor is at his usual best. The songs are nicely picturized. The film is clean without any vulgarity. Varun Sandesh’s cameo is alright.

Minus Points:

The entire track in the second hour involving Sohel, Mrinalini, Ajay Ghosh, and Praveen is completely boring and the comedy here fails to bring any laughs. Rather it tests the patience of the viewers and it lasts very long. This particular track doesn’t have any connection with the main plot and it is followed by a song making things worse.

Just like the dialogue mouthed by a key character in the film, there is nothing novel about Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu. Everything looks routine and outdated. The film has the 90s vibes and the makers stuck to a template-based narrative. A fight gets followed by a song, which again is followed by a comedy scene. There is also a lot of redundancy in the film. The way Rajendra Prasad’s character exhibits his frustration is repeatedly shown bringing boredom.

The climax portions look forced and the emotions don’t look convincing. Lately, public response videos for films have become popular on social media. The makers tried to make use of it but these portions too look insipid. The climax is also dragged heavily as the film goes on and on. The second half went haywire completely and the length is one more drawback for this comedy family entertainer.

Technical Aspects:

The music is provided by S.V. Krishna Reddy himself, the craft at which the director excels. While there is a bit of retro touch in the music it still is pleasant to hear. The cinematography by Ram Prasad is superior as the frames look rich and colorful. The editing is poor as the movie is needlessly stretched. The production values are good.

Coming to the writer-director S.V. Krishna Reddy, he tried to repeat his previous magic with Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu. The comedy works only in a few places. But this part has been overdone heavily which in one way became a big disadvantage for the movie. Gone are the days when people used to like separate comedy tracks in movies. Hence a few films over the years have bitten the dust as they relied completely on these comedy tracks. The same is the problem with Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu. The second half is just a combination of some random scenes without any proper flow. The old-school narration no longer can attract the millennials.


On the whole Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu is an outdated family entertainer that lacks any novelty. Sohel looks good and does his part well. But the movie’s story and narrative are ages old which can’t engage the audience. You can skip this film this weekend. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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