Review : Raajahyogam – Silly & Over the top
Raajahyogam Movie Review

Release Date : December 30, 2022 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Sai Ronakh, Ankita Saha, Bismi Nas, Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Giri, Bhadram, Shakalaka Shankar, Chitram Srinu, Sijju

Director: Ram Ganapathi

Producer: Mani Lakshman Rao

Music Director: Arun Muraleedharan

Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar

Editor: Karthika Srinivas

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Sai Ronakh, last seen in Odela Railway Station, has now come up with a film titled Raajahyogam. Ankita Saha played the female lead. The movie hit the screens today, and let’s see how it is


Rishi (Sai Ronakh), a mechanic, has only one ambition in life, which is to marry a rich girl and get settled. In this process, he comes across Shree (Ankita Saha), a wealthy girl, and starts wooing her. Coincidentally a separate track runs where a group of gangsters fights between themselves for two costly diamonds. Rishi and Shree learn startling facts about each other that separate them. Within no time, they get involved in ongoing crime. The rest of the film is about the fight between multiple characters for those diamonds.

Plus Points:

Sai Ronakh is the biggest asset of Raajahyogam. He has shown amazing screen presence and looked very handsome on screen. The way he performed during key scenes was good, and his dance moves were stunning. Sai Ronakh matured as an actor and made the film watchable.

A few comedy scenes work here and there. The fights are composed in a stylish manner, and the background score is nicely composed. Comparatively, the first half runs on a fast note and has a few decent moments. The protagonist’s realization about an important aspect is portrayed well.

Minus Points:

The biggest drawback is the lack of an engaging screenplay in the film. There isn’t a proper connection between individual scenes, and hence the flow is completely missing. The second half tests the patience levels as nothing much happens regarding the story. The movie becomes unbearable after a specific time, and it is hard to understand where it is heading.

Random songs in the film and the love track in the second hour seem artificial and out of place. In addition, the comedy doesn’t work for the most part, and there is a lot of vulgarity involved in these sequences. Especially in a few portions, the obscenity factor reaches newer heights making it difficult to watch.

The adult content is extremely high in the movie and is not suitable for all sections of the audience. In addition, the role of an important character has been showcased in many films earlier, and there isn’t anything new about it. The crucial backstory that comes over the end lacks conviction.

Technical Aspects:

The background score by Arun Muraleedharan is decent, and so is the cinematography by Vijay C Kumar. The production values are neat, and the makers have spent quite heavily on the film. The editing team, however, should have reduced the length by 10 minutes at least.

Coming to the director, Ram Ganapathi, he did a shoddy job with the film. The intention to create fun throughout is fine, but the way in which those scenes are curated isn’t good. The plot should have had solid characterizations and strong emotions to make one root for the lead cast. More interesting situations with healthy comedy were the need of the hour.


On the whole, Raajahyogam is a silly comedy caper that hardly connects to the viewers. Apart from a few scenes and the film’s protagonist, even the presence of a bunch of artists cannot rescue the film. Hence it ends up being a disappointing watch this weekend. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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