Review : Abbai Class Ammai Mass – Damp Squib
abbayi-class-ammayi-mass Release date : 03 August 2013 Rating : 2/5
Director : Koneti Srinu
Producer : Laxman Kyadari
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Starring : Varun Sandesh, Haripriya

Varun Sandesh has been going through a very lean patch for the past two years. He is testing his luck with yet another flick, Abbai Class Ammai Mass. Starring Hari Priya, Srinvas Reddy and Kasi Vishwanath , this film has hit the screens today. Lets see how it is.


Sri(Varun Sandeh) is brought up by his grandmother (Sri Lakshmi) after the death of his parents. Sri’s grandmother is very protective and she keeps him away from beautiful girls. As a result, Sri is very uncomfortable near women. One fine day, a young and rich girl named Anjali comes up to Sri and proposes to him. Sri blindly refuses.

At about the same time, Sri’s company lands itself in a big financial mess. Taking advantage of this situation, Anjali’s father KK(Ahuti Prasad) offers to rescue Sri’s company if he agrees to marry Anjali. With no other option in hand, Sri agrees to the proposal.

As the marriage date draws near, Sri decides to shake off his inhibitions about women. He meets a prostitute called Neeru (Haripriya) and makes a deal with her. He brings her home in order to spend time with her. Once Neeru enters Sri’s life, things change considerably. We also see the appearance of Das (Kasi Vishwanadh) as a guy who keeps trying to kill Neeru.

Why is Das after Neeru? How is Sri’s life affected? Whom will Sri marry? That forms the story of this film.

Plus Points:-

Haripriya is a major asset for the movie. She looks quite convincing in the role of a prostitute. She oozes glamour and her ample skin show will work with the masses. Her performance in the emotional climax block is good. Varun Sandesh is just about ok.

Srinivas Reddy brings in a few laughs as Rushi Kesu. ‘Manasulona’ song, which was shot in Goa, has been captured quite well. Kausha’s item song will please the front benches.

Minus Points:-

This film is loosely based on the Hollywood flick ‘Pretty Woman’, but the director failed to adapt it convincingly. Kasi Vishwanath’s track is directly copied from Hindi film ‘Kahaani’. Major portions of the film have been inspired from quite a few Telugu movies.

Pace of the movie is quite slow and takes for ever to finish. Lot of scenes in the movie have no logic. A different voice has been used in some scenes to dub for Varun Sandesh’s character, which is quite irritating.

Comedians like Ali, Dhanraj and Vennela kishore have been wasted in the film.

Climax is abrupt and causes dissatisfaction among the viewers.

Technical Aspects:-

Camera work in the film is pretty good as all the songs have been shot well. Shekhar Chandra’s music is good and so is his background score. Editing is quite poor as many scenes could have been easily chopped off.

Koneti Sreenu’s direction is very ordinary. He could not mould the story in a convincing way. Production values are decent for a film of this budget.


Haripriya’s glamour and skin show might work to a certain extent with the masses. A weak story, weak screenplay and poor direction go against the film completely. On the whole, ‘Abbai Class Ammai Mass’ ends up as a damp squib. Rating – 2/5
Reviewed by Raghava
(Translated by Emmess)


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