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Review : Chinna Cinema – Good concept, bad execution
First Posted at 18.08 on Apr 19th
Chinna-Cinema Release date : 19 April 2013 Rating : 2.5/5
Director : A.K. Kambhampati
Producer : Jyothi
Music Director : Praveen Lakkaraju
Starring : Arjun Kalyan, Sumona Chanda, Vennela Kishore and L.B.Sriram

The interestingly titled ‘Chinan Cinema’ has released today in Andhra Pradesh. The movie has been directed by NRI director A.K. Kambhampati. Arjun Kalyan and Sumona Chanda have played the lead roles while seasoned actors like Vennela Kishore, M.Balayya, Surya and L.B.Sriram have supported them. Praveen Lakkaraju has composed the film’s music.

Story :

An aspiring young director (R.J.Ghajini) sets out to make a Chinna Cinema, with a budget of Rs. 2 Crores. The movie’s producer Daange (30 years industry Prithvi) asks Ghajini to narrate the story to famous movie reviewer Sri (Vennela Kishore). This is the story that is narrated :

Ramudu (Arjun Kalyan) secures a visa and moves to the USA in search of some quick money. He joins a grocery shop that is owned by Mahesh and starts sending home money every month. Over the course of time, he meets Janaki (Sumona Chandha) and love blossoms between the pair.

Back home, an ellderly gentleman known as Bapiraju (M. Balayya) runs a special orphanage which is called ‘Ramalayam’. He struggles to make ends meet, as he is a principled man who does not seek donations from any and everyone. Ramudu’s father (Surya) is Bapiraju’s trusted follower and he tries to help Ramalayam in whatever way he can.

A local politician seeks to gain some political mileage by renaming Ramalayam after his father. But this proposal is shot down by Bapiraju, thereby injuring the pride and ego of the politician. This puts the future of Ramalayam at stake. In a curious twist of fate, it so happens that Janaki and the politician are related.

What is that relation? What happens to Ramalayam? That is the story

Plus Points :

The concepts of ‘ selfless donations ‘ and charity without expecting anything in return have been dealt with nicely. Veteran actor M.Balayya has delivered a classy and restrained performance as Bapiraju. The dangers of making people lazy by giving them everything for free, have been shown well.

Arjun Kalyan is ok as the male lead. He needs to become more comfortable and relax in front of the camera. He has subconsciously imitated Naga Chaitanya (Atleast, that is the feeling many people got) and he needs to stop doing that. Vennela Kishore entertains as movie reviewer Sri. R.J.Ghajini is good as the aspiring director.

Some scenes in the first half are good, especially the comedy scenes between friends. The song ‘Puttadi Bomma’ has been shot beautifully.

Minus Points :

Sumona Chanda is a bad choice for the female lead. She does not have the kind of face that appeals to Telugu viewers. Goutham Raju and his gang of old men are very irritating. Their ‘comedy’ scenes have been written quite poorly. Mahesh looks decent as the villain but his performance is very frigid. His voice modulation needs to change.

The actor who is seen as Mahesh’s brother in law is simply irritating. His ponytail and his dialogue delivery will test the patience of viewers. The actress who keeps speaking in Telangana dialect does not have the charm required to pull off that role.

Ravi Varma is wasted in the role of Cowboy Krishna. The entire comedy track involving Ravi Varma and his assistant is very superficial and does not bring any laughs. It also acts as a major speed breaker.

The movie’s pace drops alarmingly in the second half and the story just refuses to move forward. The romantic track between Arjun Kalyan and Sumona could have been better.

The conflict between the politician and Bapiraju does not have emotional depth and intensity. As a result, viewers will find it tough to connect to the characters. As it is the director’s first film, a number of amateurish mistakes can be observed.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography of the film is ok for the budget. Editing is poor. Dialogues are ok in places but they do not have the required depth and intensity.

A.K. Kambhampati has the fundamentals in place but he needs to work on screenplay and narration if he wants to succeed as a director. He also needs to take better care about the kind of actors he chooses for his characters.

Verdict :

‘Chinna Cinema’ is a movie that has a good concept at heart. But it is let down by amateurish execution. The movie’s social message may be appreciated by some but most mainstream viewers will find it tough to connect with the slow pace. For a debut director, A.K. has done an ok job from a technical perspective. Rating – 2.5/5

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru


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