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Review : Crazy – Tries too hard to be funny
Crazy1 Release date : 11 April 2013 Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Kanna
Producer : Suresh Kondeti
Music Director : Thaman S
Starring : Arya, Hansika Motwani, Anjali

Suresh Kondeti, is always considered as one producer with a keen eye for good movies. Some of his previous dubbed projects like Shopping Mall, Journey and the very latest Pizza have done well in Andhra Pradesh. This time around, he has chosen to bring in the dubbed version of recently released Tamil film Settai, which itself is the remake of Bollywood film ‘Delhi Belly’. Starring Aarya, Hansika and Anjali, ‘Crazy’ has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Crazy is the story of JK(Aarya), Seenu(Premji) and Naaki(Sathanam) who work for a news paper. One fine day JK’s girlfriend, Hansika Motwani asks JK to deliver a parcel to one of her friends. As JK is busy, he asks Naaki to deliver the parcel. In an interesting turn of events, Naaki misplaces the parcel and accidentally delivers something else to the evil gangster Nasser.

Hell breaks out loose when Nasser finds out that the parcel has been misplaced, and in turns comes fuming after the three friends. Rest of the story is as to how these friends survive the evil torture of the goons and come out successfully.

Positive Points:

Humor is the main highlight of the film. Though many dialogues and scenes have been muted by the censors, one liners and funny situations are quite good in the film. Aarya looks stylish opposite Hansika and Anjali. Ali’s comedy track looks apt and interesting.

Anjali surprises us in the role of a posh girl and adds glamor quotient to the film. Santaanam’s comedy in the second half is quite good. Nasser is pretty good in the role of a don. His body language, get up and funny dialogues are hilarious in the film.

Second half has better pace and the film moves swiftly after the interval.

Negative Points:

First half of the movie is painfully slow. It takes for ever for the story to register. The script lacks pace and is not set up well for the native audience. Santanam’s comedy becomes routine during the first half and gets boring after a period of time.

Hansika does not have much to do in the film. Premji’s love track and the song associated with it are outright boring and become speed breakers for the film. ‘Crazy’ goes down badly because the characters and scenes have not been handled well.

Rather than setting the film in Mumbai, it could have been lot better had it been set locally.

The main flavor ‘Delhi Belly’ was its adult content which worked for the film big time. But here in the remake, the director presents the film with southern sensibilities which works against the film.

Certain jokes in the film are cheesy and over the top. Neetu Chandra’s item song during the start is horribly shot.

Technical Aspects:

Thaman’s music is decent and one song featuring Aarya and Hansika is quite good. Dialogues are over the top and do not have a very native feel. Dubbing of the film is not up to the mark and could have been a lot better. Camera work is just about OK and visuals are dull.

Screenplay of the movie is highly disappointing. When you think that movie is going to pick up, it is drastically hindered by a song or a over the top situation. Editing is mediocre. Director Kannan looses focus on the script and tries too hard to make the film work with southern sensibilities.


On the whole, Crazy is a film which is good in bits and pieces. Arya and Anjali’s chemistry and some funny situations are some plus points. But a drastically slow first half and poor execution make this film just a below average fare. Watch it if you have nothing else to do. Rating – 2.5/5

Reviewed by Avad M.


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