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Review : Dear – Dare to Watch Dear
Published on Feb 4, 2012 7:30 am IST
Release date: 03 Feb 2012 Rating : 2/5
Director : Kumaravel
Producer : Kishore Naidu Arigela
Music Director : Vijay Antony
Starring: Bharath, Ameer Sultan, Rima Kallingal

Bharath and Reema Kallingal have teamed up for the movie ‘Dear’. The movie is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil flick ‘Yuvan Yuvan’ and Kumar Velan is the director. Vijay Antony has scored the music. The movie has been released in Andhra Pradesh by A. Kishore Naidu. Let us see how the movie is

Story :

Kalyan Krishna (Bharath) is a software engineer from Hyderabad and his life ambition is to go to the USA. Nisha (Reema) is a young girl who is equally eager to go to the USA. The two of them meet accidentally at the Passport Office and their relationship starts off on the wrong note. After a series of events, their enmity turns into friendship, which later turns to love. Krishna decides to marry Nisha and take her to the states along with him but his father Pulla Rao (Sampath) has other ideas. He wants to marry of Kalyan Krishna to another girl and he decides to kidnap Nisha. What does Kalyan Krishna do next? Why does Nisha want to to America so badly? And does Nisha really love Kalyan? That forms the story.

Plus Points:

Bharath is ok in the role of Kalyan Krishna. Reema acts better than she looks. Sampath turned in a good performance as Bharath’s father. Santhanam brings a few laughs in the second half. First half is better compared to the second half. Climax scenes are good.

Minus Points :

There is absolutely zero Telugu nativity in the film and no attempts have been made towards it. The entire story is revealed in the first half and the second half has no story. It drags along at a very slow pace and tests the patience of the audience. Sathyan’s comedy track is irritating and it does not evoke any laughter. Some of the sequences in the second half are very similar to Bommarillu. The fight sequences and songs are not integrated into the movie and they merely act as flow disrupters.

Technical Aspects :

Editing is very jerky and amateurish. Cinematography is below par and the primary reason for this is the dull lighting throughout the movie. Background score is decent but none of the songs make an impression. Dialogues are hopeless and no effort has been made to spruce them up for Telugu audience. Screenplay is very bad.

Verdict :

Dear is a movie which failed to do well in its native language itself. The first half of the movie is slightly ok but the second half really gets to you. The extremely slow pace and irritating sequences spoil the second half. On the whole, Dear is a movie that can be safely avoided. It has nothing going for it. Rating: 2/5

Original Telugu Review by Ashok Reddy M.
English Translation by Mahesh K.S.

డియర్ సమీక్ష ని తెలుగు లో చదవండి

Legend: 5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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