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Review 2 : Dhammu – Typical Jr.NTR film!
Release date: 27 April 2012 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Boyapati Srinu
Producer :Alexander Vallabha
Music Director : Keeravani
Starring: NTR,Trisha,Karthika

No two ways about it, Dammu is a quintessential Jr.NTR film, with few touches of director Boyapati Sreenu. It has everything that a typical Jr.NTR fan would want from him, in which the protagonist and the villain deliver one monologue after another to prove their might, much to fans delight, which finally the hero wins with energetic fights.

What’s it about:
The leaders of two regions of rural Andhra Pradesh, battle over an issue and the war between them is carried forward as a legacy by their sons and grandsons. One such great grandson, Vasireddy (Suman) tries to instill hope for people on his side. And when he realizes his wife Vasundhara (Bhanu Priya) has delivered a still born, he keeps it a secret, promises his people that he is hiding his son for their future protection, somehow hoping that someone will help him after 25 years!

A quarter century later, away from this region, Vijay (Jr.NTR) is an orphan, who doesn’t like anyone wanting to ‘kill’ someone. He makes a living by saving businessmen from their enemies. He falls for Ashwini (Trisha), gets her to approve of him, but when she asks his family background, he somehow says that he has a big family as his support. As luck would have it, Vijay is adopted by Vasundhara’s father (Kota), as the son of Vasireddy. The once orphan now has to fight a blood thirst enemy (Nazar), for a family – both of whom are not his – or is it?

What’s Good:

Jr.NTR is back to his full form after playing rather subdued roles in Oosarvelli and Brindaavanam. He mouths some loud dialogue, (referring to some popular names), which will definitely earn huge marks from his fans. His performance is only matched by Nazar, who plays a strong one eyed villain.

Trisha, in quite contrast from her ‘classy’ roles plays the opposite here, and she seems to have enjoyed her outing in this film. Kartika matches step to step with Jr.NTR in dances, though her role is much like a 90’s heroine with lots of double meaning dialogue coming from her.

Dammu has heavy casting in which Suman, Bhanu Priya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Charan Raj, make their presence felt. However it is the twists in the movie that one will remember more, as they keep coming at regular intervals, even though some of them are expected.

Negative Points:
Dammu’s story might be a bit old fashioned one, but that is hardly its problem. It is how the story is paced, that sometimes gets to you. The first half ending reminds us of Rajamouli’s Chatrapathi minus the impact it had on us. With such a sequence a lot is expected from the second half, and even though the director tries to balance it well, the movie climax becomes touch weaker. Also a heavy casting overshadows Brahmandam and Ali’s comedy. The way Karthika’s character is etched can be irksome to family audiences, and Venu’s character, hardly has any meaning till it’s quite late. Same is the case with the three girls who play Jr.NTR’s sisters, and two women standing behind Bhanu Priya all the time. The song ‘Ruler’ falls short of expectations too.

Technical Departments:
Director Boyapati Sreenu, who is directing his first film after blockbuster Simha, manages to keep the protagonist as a peace loving man, until his patience is tested to the core, and yet manages to add fights. However, playing for the gallery, he tries to fill in his story with few sentimental scenes, few comedy ones, few titillating ones, and songs. Problem is most of them don’t work all the time, making us wait for the things to move on. However, Ram- Laxman’s fights, Keeravani’s score, and few dialogues ensure that Dammu keeps us interested in the proceedings. Anand Sai’s art work scores some points too, while there is nothing great about Arthur Wilson’s camera work. Dialogues, written especially for Jr.NTR and Nazar work well, but others don’t make as much an impact.

Final Point:
Dammu is a typical Jr.NTR film with two warring clans, loud dialogue, few dances, some fights and some masala scenes. If you don’t mind such stories, you will love it, and more so if you are a Jr.NTR fan. Rating : 3.25/5

Reviewed by Esskay

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