Review : Ee Rojullo – Good Youth Entertainer
Release date: 23 Mar 2012 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Maruthi
Producer : Good Cinema Group
Music Director : JB
Starring: Srinivas, Reshma

Ee Rojullo is a new movie which has been directed by Maruthi and the film has Srinivas and Reshma in the lead roles. This small budget film has released today on the occasion of Ugadi and JB has scored the music. Let us see how the film is.

Story :

Sri ( Srinivas ) is a guy who is madly in love with a girl named Rajini. He even gives her Rs 3 lakhs to help her out but as fate turns out,Rajini does not really love Sri. She escapes with the money along with another guy. This leaves Sri heartbroken. He decides never to fall in love again and he starts looking at women in a negative way. In another track, Shreya (Reshma) is friendly with a guy called Karthik. Karthik misunderstands Shreya’s friendship for love and he starts developing feelings for her. He starts acting possessively and begins hounding Shreya in the name of love. A disgusted Shreya decides never to be on friendly terms with any guy.

As you might have guessed by now, the lives of Sri and Shreya converge and they start off by quarreling with each other. Sri is forced to lie to his landlords that he is married as the apartment is not available for Bachelors. Once Shreya comes to know that Sri is married, she softens her stand and starts becoming friendly with Sri. Just when their mutual admiration begins to develop, unexpected twists and turns change everything. What are those twists? And will Sri and Shreya express their love? That forms the story

Plus Points :

Srinivas delivered a superb performance and though this is his first film, he has performed like a seasoned actor. He is a talent to watch out for. Shreya has also done a good job and as may people are saying, she does look like Trisha Jr. in some songs

Sai has delivered a brilliant performance as the friend of Srinivas. He stammers his way through the film and pulls of a brilliant comedy role. A brief cameo by M.S.Narayana is hilarious and he comes in as Satti Raju.

The first half of the film is breezy and the satires on love and relationships will connect big time with youth. The songs ‘Ekkindi le’ and ‘Ring Tring’ have been shot well and they come in at the right moments in the film. Narration is very good in the first half.

Minus Points :

The double meaning dialogues in the film will connect big time with youth but they might keep the family crowds away. The director, who did a brilliant job in the first half and for much of the second half, lost the plot towards the climax. The climax fizzles out poorly.

A better screenplay and direction in the last 30 minutes would have really elevated this movie to a whole new level. Manemma and his gang’s attempts at humour are crude and do not really connect.

Technical Aspects :

The movie was shot completely on Canon 5D and the output is pretty impressive. Prabhakar Reddy must be commended for his cinematography. Editing is largely ok but there are a few disjointed sequences in the movie.

J B’s music and background score work big time in favour of the movie. Dialogues are good and they will become popular with youth. Production values are very good for a small film and the producers must be commended for doing a good job. Director Maruthi has done a good job on the whole and he must be appreciated.

Verdict :

Ee Rojullo is a movie that will work big time with young adults and students. The movie has is high on entertainment and it is a good youth entertainer. Family crowds may not enjoy the film but then, this movie was never made for them. This is an enjoyable film and the producers have a winner on their hands. Rating : 3.25/5

Reviewed by Ashok Reddy M

(Translated by Emmess)

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5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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