Review : Ekaveera – Not powerful enough
Release date: 02 Mar 2012 Rating : 2.25/5
Director : Vasanthabalan
Producer : Srinivas Damera
Music Director : Karthik
Starring: Aadhi, Dhansika,Pasupathy

Aadi Pinisetty, son of noted director Ravi Raja Pinisetty, has teamed up with Dhansika to come up with this period drama ‘Ekaveera’. The movie has been directed by Vasanthabalan. Shwetha Menon, Pasupathi and other actors are playing principal roles. Siva and Srinivas Damera are the producers of this version. The movie has hit the screens today so let us see how it stacks up.

Story :

The story starts in 18th century India in a small village called Chinna Veerapalem. The people of that village are always fighting with a neighbouring village Martooru. When a youth from Martooru (Bharath) dies in Chinna Veerapalem under mysterious circumstances, tensions escalate and the matter is brought to the notice of the King of the region ( Vijay Chander). After investigating the incident, the Kind concludes that the village of Chinna Veerapalem is guilty of killing the youth. To settle scores, the King asks the village to select one youth from among them and kill him as a sacrifice. The village elders select Chinna ( Aadhi) for the sacrifice. A stubborn Chinna is not willing to die and he decides to investigate the matter and find out the true killer. In the course of his investigation, he comes across startling facts. Who is the true killer? Will Chinna succeed in his mission? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Aadi has excelled in his dual role and he looks very macho. He has acted in the bull fight scene without a dupe and it looks great. Pasupathi has done a good job as Sambayya. Dhansika is ok and she does not have much scope to perform. Vijay Chander is good as the King. The first half of the movie is pretty ok and the tempo is good.

Some of the scenes, like the bull fighting scenes and the robbery scenes have come out well. The concept and basic story-line is good.

Minus Points :

The second half loses tempo and narration is slow. There are some issues with the screenplay and the hero character is left with nothing much to do in the second half. Once again, excessive Tamil nativity and the tragic ending will not appeal to Telugu crowds.

Anjali, Bharath and Shwetha Menon are wasted in insignificant roles. The placement of songs in the second half really tests the patience of the audience. There are literally no commercial elements in the movie to entertain casual movie lovers. There is no proper continuity between the first and second half.

Technical aspects :

Editing is a big minus and film feels very jerky. Cinematography is very good and 18th century feel has been captured well. Karthik’s background score is ok but the songs are quite bad. Dialogues are ok. Fights have been composed well.

Verdict :

This is a very ‘Tamil’ flick. There is too much foreign flavour and the poor second half lets the film down badly. Ekaveera has nothing to offer casual movie goers and the hero has nothing much to do in the second half. On the whole, the movie is a big disappointment and can safely be skipped. Rating : 2.25/5

Ashok Reddy M

(translated by Emmess)

ఏకవీర సమీక్ష ని తెలుగు లో చదవండి

Legend: 5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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