Review : Endukante Premanta – Multiplex love saga
Published on Jun 8, 2012 10:15 pm IST
Release date: 08 June 2012
Director : Karunakaran
Producer : Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Music Director : G V Prakash Kumar
Starring: Ram, Tamanna, Kona Venkat

Handsome hero Ram and gorgeous beauty Tamanna teamed up for the film ‘Endukante Premanta’ and the movie has been directed by Karunakaran. A product of the prestigious Sravanthi Movies banner, ‘Endukante Premanta’ has released worldwide today. Music has been scored by G.V.Prakash. Let us see how the movie is.

Story :

The story of this film is based on the Hollywood flick ‘Just like Heaven’. Ram (Ram) is a mischievous young lad who spends his time in a carefree way. In order to teach Ram the value of money and time, his father Krishna Rao (Shayaji Shinde) packs him off to his friend’s vineyard in Europe. Ram finds the going tough and decides to escape from the vineyard. During this process, he comes across Sravanthi (Tamanna), who happens to be the daughter of the Indian High Commissioner to France (Suman).

Sravanthi hates the restricted lifestyle imposed by her father and decides to break free. She teams up with Ram to escape and heads to India successfully. This is where the story takes a twist and Ram is forced to come to terms with the strange events that start happening. Is Sravanthi really who she says she is? Do they have a bond of love that transcends multiple lifetimes? That needs to be seen on the big screen.

Plus Points :

Ram delivers a power packed performance in the film and his dancing ability is impressive. This film shows that he is right up there with the very best dancers in the industry. His expressions in key emotional scenes and his comedy timing are very good.

Tamanna looks beautiful in the movie and she gives a convincing performance. She has balanced herself nicely between the various emotional facets required for this role and she once again proves that when it comes to performance, she is second to none. Anu Hasan is good as Ram’s Atthayya.

Brahmanandam’s entry is good as Principal Pandu Rangarao. Shayaji Shinde is ok as Ram’s father Krishnayya. Krishna Bhagawan manages to entertain to a certain extent. The film’s visuals are very pleasing and Europe has been captured beautifully.

Minus Points :

Kona Venkat does not impress with his performance as Koka Bhai. Brahmanandam’s entry is fine, but the rest of his character leaves much to be desired. Rishi has just one expression throughout the film on his face. Satya Krishna is wasted and so is Suman.

Karunakaran disappoints with a poorly executed screenplay and the script has tons of loopholes and faults. Can a soul commit suicide? Will a person’s Athma be able to roam around when he/she is in a coma?

More than these logical issues, the slow pace of narration and the timing of the songs leaves a lot to be desired. Just when the movie appears to gain momentum, the songs act as speed breakers and disrupt the flow of the film. Audiences will find it a little tough to connect emotionally with the movie.

Technical Aspects :

Andrew impresses with his superb cinematography and Europe has been shot very well. Dialogues are very ordinary. Editing is jerky and does not give the film a very smooth feel. Music and background score provided by GV Prakash is just average.

Karunakaran, who is known for his beautiful love stories, does not impress this time. He has not shown his usual brilliance and his direction could have been a lot better. Production values are rich.

Verdict :

‘Endukante Premanta’ is a very ‘different’ love story and its appeal will be limited largely to multiplex crowds. Great visuals and nice performances from Ram and Tamanna are great assets for the film. On the flip side, errors in the story,slow narration and faulty screenplay limit the film’s appeal. If you want to see a love story which is slightly different, you can watch Endukante Premanta. But go without any expectations. Rating : As we are the media partners for the film, it is not ethical to rate movies that we have promoted. Hence, weare not giving a rating. Read the review and enjoy the film folks.

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru

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