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Review : Gouravam – Raw and Slow
First Posted at 15.59 on Apr 19th
Gouravam Release date : 19 April 2013 Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Radha Mohan
Producer : Prakash Raj
Music Director : S. Thaman
Starring : Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj

Sirish, the youngest member of the Allu family, is the latest entrant into the film industry from the Mega family. Unlike his other siblings, Sirish has chosen a rather unique debut with Gauravam. Directed by Radha Mohan, this movie has Yami Gautam and Prakash Raj in lead roles along with Sirish. The movie has hit the screens today, so let us see how the movie is.


Arjun (Allu Sirish) is a rich kid who has all the luxuries in life. One fine day, his dad sends him to a village called S M Palli for some business work. As Arjun’s best friend Shankar also hails from that village, Arjun happily accepts to go there. On landing in the village, Arjun comes to know that his friend Shankar has eloped with the daughter of Pashupathi(Prakash Raj), a rich land lord in the village, and is missing from the past six months.

After meeting Shankar’s dad and finding out some bitter truths about Shankar, Arjun decides to stay in the village and find his missing friend. A young lawyer called Yamini (Yami Gautam) assists him in his work.

How does Arjun unravel the whole mystery and expose the people behind it? That forms the story of ‘Gauravam’.

Positive Points:

The story of the film is unique and intense. Allu Sirish makes a decent debut with Gauravam. Rather than choosing a routine and commercial entertainer, he has acted in an author backed role. Though he looks a bit raw in some scenes, he makes it up during the second half.

Yami Gautam looks cute and plays her part well. Prakash Raj looks apt but has nothing much to do. Suspense element in the film is good. The guy who acted as Prakash Raj’s son has done a superb job. Brahmaji and L B Sriram are good.

Negative Points:

Though Gauravam is thought provoking, it is slow. First half of the movie is very long. Song, dance and other commercial elements are completely absent in the movie. Climax of the film is a bit preachy.

Interval bang and the student episodes are blown out of proportion. Yami Gautam has nothing to do in the film except to appear in the frame beside Sirish.

Too much melodrama and negative emotions can put you off sometimes. Tamil audience who love tragedy and realistic approach may like this film but this kind of a film will not be very appealing for our Telugu viewers.

Technical Aspects:

Songs in Gauravam are below average. Camera work is pretty good and showcases the village atmosphere well. Dialogues are simple. Screenplay by Radha Mohan is good in the second half but it could have been better in the first half.


On the whole, Gauram is an intense and thought provoking film with a unique story. But slow pace, too much melodrama and the absence of commercial elements required for Telugu viewers may go against the movie. Allu Sirish has done a decent job with his debut. Rating : 2.75/5

Reviewed by Avad M.


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