Review : Mahesh – Mindless Flick
Mahesh_Posters-(1) Release date : 20 September 2013 Rating : 2/5
Director : R Madhankumar
Producer : Suresh Kondeti
Music Director : Gopi Sundar
Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Dimple Chopade

The Tamil film ‘Yaaruda Mahesh’, which did not do too well in its home state, has been dubbed into Telugu as ‘Mahesh’. Sundeep Kishan is the hero in this movie and Dimple Chopade is the heroine. Madhan has directed the film. The movie is being released in AP by Good Cinema Group and Suresh Kondeti pictures jointly. Will the film fare any better in AP? Let us see.

Story :

Shiva (Sundeep) is a good-for-nothing fellow. He and his friend Vasanth (Jagan) live an aimless life and while away their time by flirting with girls and drinking in bars. While on an industrial tour, romance blossoms between Shiva and Sandhya (Dimple).

As the days go by, Shiva and Sandhya get physical and make love. This is discovered by their parents and this eventually leads to marriage. Even after his marriage, Shiva continues to be careless and aimless.

One day, he listens to a telephonic conversation between his wife and a guy called Mahesh. From the conversation, Shiva comes to the conclusion that he has been taken for a ride by Sandhya. He decides to hunt down Mahesh, to find the truth. Will he succeed? That forms the story of this film.

Plus Points :

Dhanraj’s dubbing works for Jagan. This helps to bring some amount of nativity into the movie. Dimple Chopade looks good and she has given a decent performance in this movie. Sundeep Kishan is just about ok in some scenes.

One or two double meaning dialogues will bring some giggles from viewers.

Minus Points :

Sundeep Kishan does not have the looks of a conventional Telugu hero. He needs to pick raw roles like the one found in Prasthanam. He is a bit too loud in the emotional scenes and in drunken episodes.

The second half of the film is really bad. Things go from bad to worse once the ‘Mahesh’ angle comes into the film. Most of the comedy scenes misfire and there is no logical flow in the story. If you remember the rhyme ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’, then you will get an idea about the film’s screenplay. It keeps going round and round, and finally falls down.

There is no Telugu nativity in the film, despite the use of some familiar voices for the dubbing. As for the dubbing work, it is quite shoddy. There is also a bit of ‘Tamil Paithyam’ in the film, like the scene where he goes to meet ‘Slumdog Mahesh’.

The performances of the supporting cast are way too loud and do not really help the movie. Logic goes for a big toss in the film. If you have great entertainment in the film, you can forget logic and have fun. But when there is neither logic nor entertainment, things become quite tough for viewers. The climax sequence is quite bad.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is very mediocre. Editing is quite jerky.Except for one or two lines, dialogues are quite ordinary. Music of the film is just about average, but the background score does not really help the film.

Madhan’s direction is below par. His handling of the second half could have been a lot better. A weak screenplay is another big drawback for this movie.

Verdict :

‘Mahesh’ is a badly executed adult comedy. A lacklustre second half, loud acting and the absence of known Telugu faces are big issues that hamper the film. As I said, this dubbed film is like the poem ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’. It keeps going round and round and finally falls down. Rating – 2/5

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru


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