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Review : Maine Pyar Kiya – Passable Love Story
Maine-Pyar-Kiya-Telugu-Movi Release date : June 20, 2014 Rating : 2.75/5
Director Pradeep
Producer : Venkat Rao Sana
Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Starring : Pradeep Betno, Isha Talwar

Today, a host of small budget films are slated for release in Tollywood. Out of them, is the romantic comedy Maine Pyar Kiya. Starring the handsome Pradeep Ryan and Isha Talwar, this film is directed by Pradeep Madugula. Let’s now see how the film is.


Naveen(Pradeep Ryan) is a handsome young software engineer, who woos each and every girl in his office. One fine day, his childhood friend Shalini(Isha Talwar) joins his office.

Naveen already has a bad past with Shalini and hides his identity from her. As things move on, both of them start getting close and also fall in love with each other.

Exactly when they decide to propose each other, a small twist in the tale occurs, and Shalini finds out that Naveen is the same old childhood friend who had caused her problems. Depressed with this truth, she breaks up with him.

What is the bitter past that Naveen shared with Shaini ? What damage has he caused during her childhood ? How will he win her love back once again ? For all these answers, you need to watch this film on the big screen.

Plus Points:-

Major plus point of the film is engaging story line in the second half. But the star who walks away with the cake is undoubtedly Satya Dev. The twenty something actor, portrays the role of a 40 year old man with utter ease.

The way he shows subtle variations in his character is tremendous. He has a bright future and is an actor to look out for. His track with Madhumitha is highly engaging, and holds the film for the entire second half.

Madhumitha makes a decent comeback with a pretty good role. Hero Pradeep, has the looks but should work on his dialogue delivery and expressions.

Isha Talwar looks gorgeous but has limited screen time. Comedy scenes set in the office, and amidst heroes childhood friends has been executed well.

Venu brings in decent laughs as the heroes friend. While the first has basic and routine entertainment, the second half has sentiment and an engaging story.

Minus Points:-

Other than looking glamorous, Isha Talwar has limited screen time and nothing to do in the film. One of the major drawbacks of the film is Posani’s unnecessary gay track.

Posani irritates the audiences to the core, with his stupid characterization. The director could have easily opted for a simple climax, rather than using his cheap gay comedy.

As said above, first half of the film is quite simple and has nothing much exciting. Komal Jha is just about OK as the flirty HR. Viva Harsha and other comedians have been wasted in their roles.

Yet another drawback of this film is its predictability. There are not many twists and turns and there is also no basic masala which front benches look out for.

Technical Aspects:-

Music of the film is pretty decent, and the songs do not spoil the flow of the film. Dialogues have been written with a humorous note. The way the movie heads into an interesting second half looks cool.

The simple romance and the love track of Satya Dev and Madhumitha has been designed supremely well by the director. The way he weaves a young love story with the help of school kids, has been handled well.

Camera work of this film is really amazing. The way the early 80’s has been showcased is also pretty good. Editing is apt and so is the production design.

Screenplay of the movie is quite good and the way the film moves back and forth in time is shown nicely.


On the whole, Maine Pyar Kiya has its engaging moments and only picks up during the second half. If you can sit through the simple and quite predictable first half, and can tolerate Posani’s crazy histrionics, you can easily give this film a try. Rating – 2.75/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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