Review : OM – Loud and clichéd
OM1 Release date : 19 July 2013 Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Sunil Reddy C
Producer : Kalyan Ram
Music Director : Achu , Sai Karthik
Starring : Kalyan Ram, Kriti Kharbanda, Nikesha Patel

After a long gap, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is testing his fortunes at the Box Office  with the film ‘OM’. The movie has been produced with a big budget and it has been shot in 3D format. Nikeesha Patel and Kriti Kharbandha are the heroines in the movie. Sunil Reddy is the director. The film has released today, so let us see how it is.

Story :

Arjun (Kalyan Ram) loves his dad Harischandra Prasad (Karthik) and is a devoted son. Father and son share a great bond. The family has some enemies and chief among them is Byrreddy (Rao Ramesh). Byrreddy tries his best to assassinate Harischandra Prasad but he is thwarted every time by Arjun.

Into this scenario comes in Anjali (Kriti Kharbandha). Arjun falls for her charm and good nature. As expected, love blossoms between the two. But the story needs a twist now and in comes Rhea (Nikisha Patel). Rhea is the daughter of Harischandra Prasad’s friend (Ahuthi Prasad).

Meanwhile, Byrreddy decides to seek the help of Sampath Raj, who is also a sworn enemy of Harischandra Prasad. A battle for revenge begins and Arjun discovers some shocking truths that shake the very foundations of his life.

What are those truths? Will he succeed in protecting his father’s life? That forms the story of OM 3D

Plus Points :

Kalyan Ram looks decent in a few action sequences. Kriti Kharbandha looks quite beautiful in the film. Nikeesha Patel brings in the required glamour touch.

Veteran actor Karthik has delivered a classy performance and he will be a good fit for character roles in Telugu Films. Suresh has done a good job. Some 3D effects are decent. Rao Ramesh entertains to a certain extent with his Srikakulam slang.

The short run time is an asset for this movie. The climax twist and interval twists are neat.

Minus Points :

When a film does not have good story or screenplay, no amount of technical expertise can save it. ‘OM’ is a movie which does not require 3D at all. Except for a few 3D shots, most of them fail to make an impression.

VFX is very poor. One scene which sorely stands out is that trailer explosion scene on the bridge. The VFX quality of that scene is very poor.

There are way too many fights in this movie. The story does not have a logical flow and there are some unexplained gaps in the plot.

Viewers will find it tough to connect to the story emotionally. Entertainment quotient is also very low.

Technical Aspects :

Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography is just mediocre. Editing is very jerky and does not help matters at all. Background score is quite mediocre and does not help matters much.

Sunil Reddy’s direction leaves a lot to be desired. He should have taken better care about the screenplay. Production values are decent.

Verdict :

‘OM’ is just another loud and clichéd action drama with a very routine plot. The 3D effects do not add much value for the movie. Some good performances and one or two nice moments are just about the only things that work in this film. Rating – 2.75/5

Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru


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