Review : Paisa – No Paisa Vasool
Published on Feb 8, 2014 5:00 am IST
Paisa_New_Poster Release date : 07 February 2014 Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Krishna Vamshi
Producer : Ramesh Puppala
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Starring : Nani, Catherine Tresa

Hero Nani and Krishna Vamsi teamed up for the commercial entertainer ‘Paisa’. The movie has released today after a long delay. Ramesh Puppala has produced the movie and Sai Karthik has composed the music. Catherine Tresa is the heroine. Let us check out the film now and see how it is.

Story :

Prakash (Nani) is an old city sherwani model who is desperate to get rich. He likes a Muslim girl named Noor (Catherine Tresa), who lives in the neighbourhood. One day, Prakash comes across the rich and beautiful Sweety (Siddhika Sharma)and a good friendship starts. Prakash comes to know that Sweety is the daughter of a rich and powerful minister (Charan Raj) and decides to get rich by befriending her.

Meanwhile, Noor’s family is neck deep in financial troubles and she reluctantly agrees to marry an old Dubai Sheikh in order to save the family. Prakash comes to know about this and realises that he is in love with Noor. He gatecrashes the marriage and escapes with Noor in a black Innova that happens to be close by.

That one incident changes his life forever. In the trunk of that black innova lies a booty of 50 Crores – Hawala money belonging to Minister Charan Raj. All hell breaks loose after Nani realises this.

It is now a triangular fight between Nani,Charan Raj’s gang members and other goons for the 50 Crores. Who bags the booty? What happens to Noor and Sweety? That is essentially the story of ‘Paisa’.

Plus Points :

Nani is quite energetic as Prakash. He has tried to adopt the rough look of an Old City youth and he has succeeded in getting it right.His reactions when he discovers the 50 Crores in the car are quite realistic.

Catherine Tresa looks good but she is a little raw. Siddhika Sharma has good oomph value. There are some good scenes in the film, like the interval episode and the scenes in the second half where people search for the missing havala money. A few songs have been shot well.

Minus Points :

There are over the top scenes, in typical Krishna Vamsi style. Direction is not up to the mark and screenplay is quite weak in most parts. Logical loopholes and unexplained gaps in the story are very visible.

The movie does not have the grand technical values normally associated with Krishna Vamsi. VFX background shots of Charminar look quite shaky and unreal.

There are needlessly complex camera angles and effects. Perhaps, Krishna Vamsi was trying too hard to prove a point. Emotions are not in sync and audience will get quite bored in the first half.

Krishna Vamsi makes a mockery out of the pre-climax scenes. Charan Raj’s character is quite irritating. Entertainment levels in the film are very poor.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is very weak. Perhaps, there was no money for DI work. Editing is very bad, with too many inconsistent shots and jump cuts. Dialogues do not have any special qualities.

Sai Karthik’s background music is good and songs are ok. Krishna Vamsi urgently needs to control his fascination for hyper emotional scenes and over the top shot conception. Audiences are not reacting favourably to such scenes any more.

Verdict :

‘Paisa’ is a movie that will not give you a paisa vasool experience at the Box Office. Despite some good efforts from Nani, this movie will face huge challenges at the Box Office. Poor technical values, lack of an engaging screenplay and low entertainment value will hurt the film. Rating – 2.5/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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