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Review : Palnadu- Nothing Powerful
Published on Nov 3, 2013 5:30 am IST
palnadu-review Release date : 02 November 2013 Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Suseenthiran
Producer : Vishal
Music Director : D. Imman
Starring : Vishal, Lakshmi Menon

Vishal is one of the few Tamil actors who has got a good market in the south. He is now back with his own production in ‘Palnadu’. Suseenthiran, who had earlier made ‘Na Peru Shiva’ with Karthi has directed this flick. This film has hit the screens on the Diwali weekend and lets see how it is.


‘Palnadu’ is a land with immense egos and attitudes. Everyone in that area fears Shankar Anna, and one day after his sudden demise, his right hand Katam Ravi takes over the reign.

During this time, Shiva Kumar(Vishal) opens a mobile shop with his friend Seshu(Vikrant). By nature, Shiva is a coward who minds his own business. But if Shiva has any problems, Seshu always helps him out. One fine day Seshu lands himself into a huge problem with Katam Ravi and threatens to kill him.

A few days later, an innocent engineer, Nagaraju dies in the hands of Katam Ravi. This ugly incident makes Shiva’s simple life complicated as he finds out an shocking truth about Nagaraju. Even Shiva rages with anger and decides to kill Katam Ravi.

What truth does Shiva find out? What is the relation between Shiva and Nagaraju? Does Shiva manage to kill Katam Ravi? What happens to his friend Seshu? To know all these answers, you need to watch this film on big screen.

Plus Points:-

Action hero Vishal, who always bashes up goons in all his films plays an interesting character in Palnadu. He portrays his role with utmost sincerity and effort.

Senior director Bharati Raja, who plays an important role does a commendable job. He is very apt for his role and does well in all the emotional scenes. Lakshmi Menon and Vikram manage to play their parts well.

Minus Points:-

Though first half of the movie has decent comedy, the story takes for ever to go through. Except for the last 20 minutes, the entire second half goes for a toss.

The story has been dragged out and is routine. All the twists and turns that are showcased can easily be identified. Songs act as a big hindrance for the film.

As with all Tamil films which are close to reality, Telugu audience will find it hard to connect with the seriousness. The love track between Vishal and Lakshmi Menon has no significance and looks jaded.

Technical Aspects:

Music by Imman is a big minus for the film. But the saving grace is his background score which is top notch. Camera work is just about OK. Editing in the second half lacks focus. A few dialogues and funny scenes in the first half have been designed well.

Story of Palnadu is based on a simple point which is the climax. Director Suseenthiran has made a whole film keeping the climax in mind. He only manages to connect with the audience during the climax but fails for the rest of film.


On the whole, Panaadu entertains you only in bits and pieces. Vishal’s new avatar, Interval block and climax episode are some plus points. But a lack luster screenplay, and below par direction makes this film far from engaging. Rating – 2.5/5

Reviewed by Raghava

Translated by Avad M.


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