Review: Prema Ishq Kadal – Decent Love Entertainer
Published on Dec 6, 2013 8:20 pm IST
PIK Release date : 6 December 2013 Rating : 3/5
Director : Pavan Sadineni
Producer : Bekkem Venugopal
Music Director : Shravan
Starring : Harsh Vardhan, Rithu, Sri Vishnu, Harish, Vithika Sheru, Sri Mukhi

Love stories have always been a part and parcel of Tollywood. Many films have been made on this subject, and debut director Pavan Sadineni has come up with an youthful love story in Prema Ishq Kadal. Starring the handsome Harshvardhan Rane and a few new comers, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Story :-

Prema Ishq Kadal showcases three different love stories. The first story has Randy(Harshvardhan Rane), who own a coffee shop. Randy is a great music lover and always keeps playing music in his shop. Citing his talent, Sarayu(Vitika) convinces Randy to give an concert. Soon their journey as friends blossoms into love.

The second story is of Arjun(Harish Varma), an RJ in a radio station. Arjun is a playboy by nature and leads a very colorful life. One day he sets his eyes on Shanti(Srimukhi) and decides to woo her at any cost. But his playboy image takes a beating as he falls deeply in love with Shanti.

The last story has Royal Raju(Vishnu), who works as an assistant director in films. Raju has a certain criteria in mind and only wants to marry a girl who is open minded and smokes and drinks like him. Raju meets Sameera(Ritu Varma), a costume designer on his sets, who also shares same ideologies like him and falls in love with her.

Rest of the story is as to how all these three love stories cope up with pressure, and how many of them come out victorious.

Plus Points :-

Major highlight of the film is the decent performances from the lead cast. Newcomer Vishnu steals the show as Royal Raju . His looks, dialogues and mannerisms as a rustic village guy are pretty good. Harshvardhan Rane suits his rock star role perfectly, and so does Harish Varma as a playboy.

Ritu Varma is pretty good as the modern girl and does justice to her role. Vitika has a decent role and she impresses everyone with her acting skills.

The twist showcased between Arjun and Shanti in the second half is quite interesting. Satyam Rajesh is hilarious as Millennium star and brings out good comedy in the film.

Climax episode has been designed pretty well. The way all the three love stories have been justified is also impressive. Production values are pretty good in Prema Ishq Kadal.

Minus Points :-

After an interesting first half, the second half becomes quite routine. Pace dips quite badly and all the scenes become predictable.

Length of the movie is quite long. If the director could have made the second half more crisp, the film would have been more gripping. Entertainment quotient is slightly missing in the second half.

This film is aimed at a multiplex audience, and does not have the so called commercial and mass elements.

Technical Aspects :-

Camerawork in the film is very good. Right from the first frame, cameraman Karthik has managed to make this film look colorful. Shravan’s peppy music and gripping background score are a major plus for this film.

Dialogues of the film are pretty innovative. As said earlier, the makers have not compromised on the production values and made this film with a lot of heart.

Last but not the least, director Pavn Sadineni should be appreciated for his efforts. He has taken a basic love story and has set it beautifully between three young pairs.

Verdict :-

On the whole, Prema Ishq Kadal is an decent love entertainer. Rich production values, commendable performances, and unique backdrop are major plus points for this film. Majorly aimed at multiplexes audience, this film is bound to do well in A centers.

123telugu Rating – 3/5

Reviewed by Raghava

Translated by Avad M.


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