Teaser Review : Saaho – Action to another level
 Saaho movie review

Release date : June 13, 2018

Starring : Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor,Neil Nitin Mukesh, Jackie Shroff

Director : Sujeeth

Producers : UV Creations, T-Series

Cinematographer : Madhie

The wait is finally over as the much awaited teaser of Prabhas’s Saaho is finally here. Read on to see what the teaser has in store for us.

What it showcases:

The teaser opens with Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas and then the visuals take you to flashback mode. The action sequences are brought up right away and the premise is huge. The main characters in the film are showcased in a glimpse and all the focus is on the sheer size of the project. The visuals are filled with bikes, gadgets, cars, and choppers which shows how big the film is going to be.

The teaser ends with a very cute and funny dialogue between Prabhas and Shraddha which looks good. There is not much that is shown in the teaser about the plot and one can understand that Prabhas is escaping the cops and bad guys all the time. The stage has been set for a perfect action entertainer and more will be revealed in the trailer.

Plus Points:

Prabhas’s screen presence in the teaser is a feast for the fans. The star hero looks massy and dashing in all the bike riding scenes. Many thought how would the chemistry of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor look like. But the superstars look great with each other and are good to see on screen.

The racy visuals that have been showcased in the teaser are just mind blowing and something really new for Telugu cinema. The action scenes have gone to another level altogether with Saaho. Thankfully, Shraddha Kapoor gets more screen presence in the teaser and she is superb as the cop. The manner in which the film is based in a international set up is also amazing.

Minus Points:

The teaser is filled with visuals of action sequences and less of Prabhas’s style quotient. There are certain scenes which look a bit old as they have been canned a year back and camerawork is dull here.

The film boasts of a star cast like Neil Nithin Mukesh, Jackie Shroff, Evelyn Sharma and Mandira Bedi but they are hardly seen in the teaser. The villain gang is not established well and not much impact has been created in this department.

Technical Aspects:

The background score gives you goosebumps in several scenes and the manner in which it has been scored is top notch. The makers have spent crazy money and all that is showcased in the superb production values of the film.

Camerawork is decent and showcases the foreign locations in an amazing manner. The manner in which the teaser is cut and edited also needs special mention. As the film is releasing in several languages, the makers have kept the theme universal and this looks apt.

Young director Sujeeth has definitely impressed with the teaser and the way he has set up the cast and action scenes look lit.


On the whole, the teaser of Saaho is surely a first of its kind for Tollywood. The scale, production values and heroism has surely gone to another level. Prabahs’s screen presence, BGM, and action thrills are just stunning. Though there is no clue about the concept and story of the film, the teaser has surely lived up to all the hype created all these days and has made the wait for the film even better and bigger.

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